Soup, Stew and Hash - 18th Century Soldier Cooking

Discussion in 'Cooking and Cooking Utensils' started by Keith H., Sep 15, 2016.

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    Yes, this is the way I'll soon be fixing dinner...
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    Two pots for cooking meals is OK. But I'm all for one-pot meals. I especially likes soups and stews because they are hearty and filling and easy to make. Also, throwing a soup party on a cold winter's night is fun!! Ever been to a soup party? You should really go to one before the world ends. :)
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    Stone soup parties are fun. We used to do that at an Uncles. We would build a fire early and put a huge old cast iron pot of water on it. As the day went on family and neighbors would come by and add to the pot. That evening we would all get together for supper. That was some of the best soup I've ever eaten with almost every vegetable you have ever seen in a country garden and about 5 or 6 types of meat.
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