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    In survival situations when you are fishing it is important to locate a good fishing hole. Even in nonsurvival situations like today fishing holes that are abundant are kept top secret by anglers. These people would like to think they have found the Holy Grail of fishing and no one else can find it or ever know where it is. Fortunately, with a little bit of common sense, you to can find the spots and do not have to rely on the kindness of the exclusive angler to let you know where to catch some fish.

    If you have an area that you were thinking about fishing in taking a little bit of time to evaluate the morning and early evening hours will help you to determine if the fish are active in the area or not. At both times of the day, you will see fish either jumping out of the water or swimming up skimming the shorelines and water surfaces. When you spot these happenings, you will know areas that have fish in them. The next step is to find where these fish like to hang out.

    Fish generally like areas that have falling trees or debris in which they can linger around. This gives them protection from natural predators such as other fish and man. This also gives intelligent predators such as man a little heads up as to where fish might be located. Stay vigilant and alert and the signs of where to fish will be all over the place pointing themselves out to you.
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    When we first visited my husband's aunt, that's when I learned that my husband's family used to live beside his aunt's house. That place was deserted because there were ponds everywhere which are actually like a farm of water spinach (also called kangkong which is Chinese in origin). Those 3 feet deep ponds have catfish and mudfish plus some other small fishes. And since they were below poverty level during my husband's childhood days, he and his 3 brothers learned how to catch fish.

    The first method was the rod and reel which is not very beneficial so they tried the second method which uses a small bamboo pole that has a nylon thread on both ends. One end has a hook with a bait and the bamboo is bent. When the fish bites, the nylon thread is released and the bamboo stick straightens, in effect the fish is above the water. The trapping is set at night and in the morning, all they do is to harvest the catch. That method saved them a lot of money since they go to the market very seldom.
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    Arh yes fishing
    Lots of difference between theory and reality!
    Reality is that most fishing spots near people are mostly fished out!
    When YOU really need to catch fish to survive so will thousands of others!
    Any spot worth fishing will also be overcrowded with mean desperate people!
    Not a smart place to be safety wise!

    After the big die-off and given a few years to recover the fishing will get good but
    if you have been shot for your catch that wont matter!
    Most anywhere worth fishing will be too dangerous!
    For the cost of your fishing gear you can stock up on tinned fish a plenty!

    If you are one of the few with true isolation then fishing is good but
    I would drift the rivers and check all set lines I find!
    and if really desperate shooting the fisherman and taking his catch is an option
    So I will not be risking being a fisherman for quite a few years!
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    Certainly. Popular fishing spots would be utterly overcrowded by other fishers, that doesn't mean they are mean desperate people, They are looking for an opportunity to fish something such as any other person. The inconvenience happens when several fishing rods strings get tangled, therefore is not a good idea to throw your hook near another person already fishing there. Places with driftwood and algae could be great spots, although there is a relatively high chance you are going to end up with a hook tangled with
    aquatic vegetation.
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