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Discussion in 'Other Useful Objects' started by cluckeyo, Jun 19, 2016.

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  1. cluckeyo

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    Tomorrow I will set aside some time to take a small inventory of a few things we have on hand that would be good in a survival situation. How much of this and that do we have? Duct tape, twine, gasoline, bottled water, lighters, batteries, candles, matches, lamp oil. Then try to figure out, how much of this stuff do we need to consider ourselves "prepared" in those areas.
  2. willywonka

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    I try to do an annual inventory of my emergency supplies and the food I have on stock as well. I like to know that I am prepared at all times. It is also when I check for things like expiration dates and see what I have to can and replenish after the summer harvest. Time to start canning!
  3. Endure

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    What are the batteries for? None of the things you mentioned need batteries to work. You are actually prepared with the lighter, duct tape,candles and matches, at least for setting a fire. Also, you can make a fishing net out of the twine . But what about a knife or a hatchet?
  4. crimsonghost747

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    I know that you are just getting started, I remember posting in your budget thread earlier today. But one thing to get straight away would be a first aid kit. You can take it off from your prepping budget if you want to, but basically it's an everyday necessity to have around just incase something happens. Ideally you'd want to have one in the house and one in the car... not for big disasters but for those small things that are very likely to happen... like cutting yourself with a knife, someone burning themselves by touching a hot stove etc.
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