Staying alive on a rescue boat

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Corzhens, Jul 5, 2016.

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    When a ship sinks, the rescue boat is the only recourse when the ship is in the deep sea highway. But getting into a rescue boat is not a guarantee of survival. I have seen a documentary of sinking ships where some survivors were interviewed. Their usual complaint in a rescue boat is the heat of the sun. You may die of exhaustion and thirst because the sun would seem to bake you.

    Next in the agenda for survival in a rescue boat is the water to drink. One survivor ate raw fish that he could catch by hand (small fish are easier to catch). The fish has natural fluid that can substitute for drinking water. Another survivor was luckier to have caught a bird which blood quenched his thirst. But if worse comes to worst, the most you can do is to wet your lips with sea water. Avoid drinking salt water because it will dehydrate you faster.
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    Surviving a rescue boat would be challenging. You have to fish and drink piss. You might want to just stick to fish. I'm any event, you have to prepare for the ship that's not coming. You should move the boat towards land and trust your star map instincts. How you going to do that? I have no idea other then watching a youtube video.
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    It never occurred to me that conditions in a rescue boat would be that tough. But I suppose the shock of having escaped death by a whisker accompanied with the delight of having survived would confer a person with the appropriate mental toughness and optimism necessary to survive the tough conditions. I should also add that life jackets are an indispensable component of every adventure into the marine kingdom.
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    Its seems to be a horrific experience as related by many who have gone through this ordeal. Drifting on a boat for days without food or water and having to improvise to survive, and on some occasions, having to watch their colleagues perish whilst they are barely able to survive having to endure heat, dehydration, thirst, and hunger. It may take somewhat of and Iron will and determination to successfully exploit any opportunity that is available to survive.
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    I never thought that being on a rescue boat would be so dangerous.
    It would be quite scary and very hard to not drink some of the water around you.
    I would stick with eating fish till I get on land and am able to get saved.
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