Staying Hidden in the Wild

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    Wilderness survival skills are not something you are typically born with they are something you learn. By going into the wild and applying survival techniques that you have studied in books, videos, or in groups, you can better know how you will prevail in a survival situation. One of the key elements in many survival situations is the lack of detection. Not being found in less you want to be found is a very important survival skill. Learning to apply stealth techniques to your survival skills that you already have will be beneficial to anybody. One way that you are found by both man and animal alike is by scent. Things such as lighting a fire will draw attention to you. The fire is a necessity in survival, but it can also be your doom, bringing unwanted visitors to your location. A combination of camouflage and stealth techniques will help to ensure that you are much harder to find when you don't want to be found.
    Night time traveling and hunting are often safer than the daytime. Remember though when it's harder for somebody to see you it can also be harder for you to see them. Digging holes is a great way to avoid detection and has been utilized by survivalist for decades from outdoorsman to military uses when in doubt digging a hole almost always works out. Adapting your surrounding environment, having patience and studying the area around you well help you formulate a system that works best for you to avoid detection in a survival situation.You never know when a natural disaster or catastrophe will occur. We often take for granted that every day we wake up is going to be like the next. You never know when the time for you to become a survivalist will happen. The best thing to do is obtain as much knowledge as well as applicable knowledge as you can better prepare yourself for events that may happen in the future.
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