Storm Surge of typhoon Yolanda

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    When the typhoon Yolanda was about to hit the middle portion of the Philippines, the media was relentlessly warning the public on radio and tv on the possibility of a storm surge. The warnings were issued several days before the typhoon came. And when the province of Leyte and Samar were directly hit by the typhoon, the strong winds caused a tidal wave. So many have died presumably from lack of preparation. There is a notion that people there, particularly in the coastline, were not aware of a great probability of a tidal wave. And why so? Because the media was mentioning of a storm surge which was alien to the public. We all know what a tidal wave is, what a tsunami is, but we do not know then what a storm surge is.

    Now, that is a neat lesson in terminology. These media people have the propensity to coin new terms that they think is cute. If only the public was warned of a tsunami or a tidal wave, I'm sure many lives would have been spared for they would at least have an idea of what was to happen.
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