Stranded on an active volcano

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    I once climbed the active volcano on Stromboli in Italy, but was at the back of my group and we got separated. The way down was not the way up, so no one passed up as the weather turned and there was wind and rain, and it got dark very fast. I clung to the side of the volcano as someone told me take another route; that route was not safe and I gripped the side of ash with my fingernails and clawed my way up inch by inch to stop me falling into the sea. That took a few hours, and by that time the group had long gone.

    It was too dangerous to try and carry on climbing and so I spent the night in a crater with an other girl with the volcano erupting in the background. We hoped the weather would be better and once the sun was up we could climb down safely. We had not been prepared and had no food and one small bottle of water, and she had a miniature whiskey.

    I have to say it was beautiful watching the volcano, but was dangerous, then we heard people. A Spanish group of four climbers were arriving to watch the volcano. They were prepared and had sleeping bags, food and water and shared them with us. Only one spoke some English and they saved us, although we may have still been okay but worse for wear. I also felt more confident there was a party of professional climbers with us that could help us down safely.

    My lessons were not to go with people you cannot trust. Once back at the Youth Hostel I asked them why no one looked for us or waited. They all hung their heads in shame and apologized. We had not made it back to the hostel or were on the last ferry so they knew there was a problem. Another thing I learned is always take water, snacks, and listen to your intuition. I didn't trust the guy who told me to go another route, and did it because he was ahead of me.

    It was the day I nearly died, but also the day I learned that I had much to learn about nature and surviving.
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