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  1. Para173

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    One of the things that I have always considered a must in my survival kit are different books. Books can be used for a multitude of different needs.
    1. Depending on the topic, say a book on edible wild plants, a book can increase your knowledge on what you can eat in a survival situation.
    2. In a desperate pinch, you can sometimes use pages from a book to wrap a wound or start a fire. I would hate to used parts of a book like that BUT if I had no other option, so be it.
    3. Some books like the Special Forces Handbook , the Rangers' Handbook and the SAS Survival Manual all deal with various issues involving survival. These books can prove to be valuable aids in desperate times as they cover topics from treating wounds, to building shelters, to building fires and so many other items.
    4. Books can also, when you're lonely, bored or need a change of pace, give you something to read or study. They keep your sanity in place for you. When you are all alone in the middle of nowhere and need something to boost your morale, a good book can be a blessing.
  2. Tom Williams

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    Old phone books inside car doors packed tightly can slow down bullets like the 9mm and other light cals. Fire starting. Hand and butt wipes lots of uses for books insulation ect
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    I really appreciate the category of books dealing with the Special Forces since if I manage to acquire them, will give me a fresh breath of life. These survival techniques can no doubt apply in daily life. I know of a particular book by Robin Crusoe which is the story of survival of a man in the wild, alone in an isolated island. It is such a compelling read.
  4. lonewolf

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    I think you mean the book titled "Robinson Crusoe" written by Daniel Defoe, which was a work of fiction but based on an actual event.
  5. koolhandlinc

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    I use the internet as a resource. The problem is that some of the situations that we prep to survive could result in the internet not working anymore. So books are a best reference for long term. I have

    Tom Brown's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

    I hope to learn more about good books for my library. Its been 15 years since I got it. I didn't read it cover to cover. I scanned and picked parts out.

    While I hope we never devolve to a state that actual wilderness survival is needed. I would rather have the ability to live off the land as much as possible and knowledge of the means to do so.

    With man kinds advancements, I hope that making wood spoons isn't needed. But who knows.

    So what if? The grid goes down and won't come back up in the next year? If all gas pumps don't work. Say, NK managed to set off 3 air burst nukes and each coast and the gulf coast are hit by an EMP. Worst case it would seem. Maybe its a Solar Storm and does the deal. Terrorists who smuggle in a nuke and set it off. Maybe they get lucky and take out 2 power grids.

    Surviving the first months would be foremost. Next would be turning towards long term survival. With this in mind I had thought if a person/family/neighborhood knew what plants to forage for. (where I live there are fields all around) We could gather many of the needed foods during summer. I realized that catching small fish that I would have thought a waste of time 10 years ago. Can tide us over. I know about 25 people fairly well that have families. All within walking distance. If things were worst case. I would go about and share pictures from my field guide. (if its summertime) and help them to get going on the gathering.

    I would also help them all with knowledge of wwater purification. Start organizing them.

    So books, what about books? All different possibilities could/can arise. Having good books and having knowledge of them puts my knowledge ahead of others.

    So tell me all the books you think are great for survival and why they are a must have book. What scenarios they will help with.
  6. WildSpirit

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    I already read some books with this theme (and the books were very interesting... with good stories), but... They really are not my kind of thing. I can't explain why, but I can't connect myself with them and that makes me lose interest in reading.
  7. koolhandlinc

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    I get what your saying. I can't actually just set and read these books. To many things to do. Its also difficult for me personally to just set and read. I prefer to be able to find information inside when needed.
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