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Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by Xilkozuf, May 31, 2017.

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  1. Xilkozuf

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    Let's imagine you are in a group in a survival situation - no matter if they are strangers or not.
    To have better chance of survival, would be better to have a leader to guide veryone (maybe the most expert one in the group), or have a more democratical situation where you take all the decision together?
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  2. lonewolf

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    the only way anyone will survive in a group is if they know everyone in the group, family or very close friends say, a group of strangers just isn't survive able because we don't know how they will react. and it could be fatal.
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  3. Keith H.

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    I always prefer to talk things through with others, no matter how sure I am that I have made the right decision. If push comes to shove, then what I say goes, but I think it best to get other peoples ideas & perspectives if you can. At the same time I believe that if someone has specific skills & knowledge in a particular area, then you should use them to your best advantage & give them free reign.
  4. Mr Boots

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    I believe it about trust
    I don't trust strangers so will not trust what they say
    In our own small group we hav know each other for minimum of 10 years most of us 14 years+ or family that knew me from day 1 and I trust them with my life and they trust me.
    We know each other's strengths we plan train and practice (it can be hard to get family out) so when it's time we'll hav a foundation to build and survive our future on and when it comes to leaders we work with our strengths and help each other's weaknesses
    we work together we survive together
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