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    People to to movies and believe that crap.
    I recall growing up post WWII and many t-v shows were about combat.
    Germans would almost always miss the allies they shot at. As if they were really bad shots.
    Artillery would blow up and miss the "good" guys.
    Germans often portrayed as air heads.
    My dad was in light tanks which were nothing but targets for German tanks, artillery, and
    anti tanks weapons.
    He was in FIVE light tanks lost to Germans.
    Twice the only survivor. He had many shrapnel wounds on his legs.
    He was 27 when drafted. He lived so far back in the hills he didn't even know where Japan or Germany
    He refused the purple heart and bronze star telling them "just send me home instead."
    They didn't.
    He went into a house in Belgium , a hut really, and the door blew up. Booby trap.
    He woke up in a hospital in England and soon the war was over.
    It was a year before he could use his right hand again.
    The U.S. had no tank that could defeat a German Panzer 4 until near the end of the war.
    Generally 5 Sherman's were lost for every Panzer 4 killed.
    The German Tiger was almost invincible but few were produced.

    Dad was in 3rd Armored, Spearhead Division and was trapped behind enemy lines during
    the Bulge.
    They ran out of gas and crawled back to allied lines under cover of darkness.
    His brother Ernest was in artillery and wounded when shelled by the Brits. oops.
    Brother Tom shot 7 times in the guts by the Japanese. (machine gun)
    Brother Ray lost a lung in France.
    Granny got a letter signed by President Roosevelt for have 4 sons in combat.

    All died eventually of wounds suffered from WWII, the wounds you don't see.
    Mostly alcoholism brought on by what we know today as p.t.s.d.. shell shock then.
    I suffer from p.t.s.d. as a result of the horrors of police work.
    Alcoholism also. I no longer touch the stuff.
    To me it's poison.
    I've been awarded 6 letters of commendation for valor.
    One from the Governor of Ohio.
    I don't want no more. I've had enough thank you.

    10% of our officers ended up in a mental institution. 3 committed suicide.:eek:
    Even my partner in the detective bureau ate his gun leaving 4 kids fatherless.:(
    Suicide never even crosses my mind.
    I'm having too good a time.:D
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    I thought this was going to be a new movie, then after seeing the trailer I remember this old.. thing.
    I watched it years ago and didn't really like it, was a bit boring and... well, Kevin Costner isn't exactly one of my favorite actors (even if he made a few good movies)...
  4. jeager

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    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Costner made a LOT of good movies.
    Waterworld wasn't one of them.
    It sucked.
    He was great as Devil Anse in the McCoy and Hatfields feud and Dances With Wolves is a classic.

    Americans were only too happy to shoot people to death back in the day.
    Not far back in the day.!:eek:

    I could never harm anyone!


    I really crack me up!:D

    Certified instructor in:
    Sniper rifle.
    Sub machine gun.
    Auto loader.
    Assault rifle.
    Bomb disposal.
    yadda, yadda, yadda,

    Forgot all the hand to hand combat and knife defense courses.
    Then add 2 college degrees and I don't do to shabby.
    If a gobblin has a weapon just shoot!

    Great uncle Eb Toothman was shot robbing a bank.
    Family lore says he was associated with the James gang but lots of people
    claim that and can't demonstrate any documentation.

    Dad ran moonshine at age 13 back when.
    His brother, my uncle Tom, shot a woman in an illegal drinking establishment.
    I never asked why. Bad manners don'cha'know.

    When I became a police officer some of my family had little to do with me.

    Uncle Tom took 7 Japanese machine gun bullets in guts serving in the Pacific.
    He live.
    Tough bunch.
    Survivors don'cha'know.
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