Surviving A House Fire

Discussion in 'Urban Survival' started by Toast, Jun 19, 2016.

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    Has anyone here ever had to survive a house fire? How do you think you would go about it? Do you try to save what you can? Save what's expensive or save what's personal? Or do you just try to get out as fast as possible and let the insurance handle everything? I feel like the faster you get out, the better. You wouldn't want to get caught up in the smoke and inhale some stuff that's really bad for your lungs. I feel like the first and only thing I would try to save would be my computer. I don't think I could really handle losing it. Everything else would really suck, but with insurance or whatever I would manage.
  2. My3Sons_NJ

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    It would be terrible to lose all of my personal belongings and it would put me 'behind the 8-ball' in planning for my retirement as the expense needed to replace the critical items (beds/furniture/cooking instruments/electronics/tools) would be very significant. However, if the choice was to save all of my belongings and not rescue my one of my sons or their pets, then that would be a very poor choice indeed. Things can be replaced but people and loved pets can not.
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    You will have to save yourself first. Don't try to salvage all the equipment or furniture that you have. Many people have lost their lives trying to salvage valuables from buildings that are on fire. Make sure you raise an alarm and call the nearest rescue services. Do not panic and look for the shortest escape route.
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    When there is a fire in the house of even in a building you are in, the first impulse is to head for the exit. But you need not rush because some casualties died not from the fire but from the stampede of rushing to the exit. A fire in the house is a big trauma and may cause a shock to you. Presence of mind is easy to say now but in an actual event, you may lose your sanity at the thought that your home is on fire. For safety, the first concern is human life. If you have a big family, be sure to have a headcount until you have time. Head for the exit without panic.

    This incident happened a decade ago when the house of the congress speaker was on fire. He is rich and his house is located in the upscale village. It was Christmas season and no one could say why the Christmas lights burned and started the fire. The speaker's daughter was in the bathroom and the only exit was the area where the fire started. Everyone was able to head for the exit of that big house... except for the daughter who perished in the fire.
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    The first thing you should try to save is yourself, the material can recover, life can not, also you can create a permanent damage to the lungs by inhaling all that smoke, first your safety, later that things can be replace, you must remember that the air that still remain will be near the ground, a piece of advice from me.
  6. jim brown

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    As a fire chief you want to get out and stay out . once everyone is out there is nothing worth dying for. Sorry you don't think you could live without your computer. That's sad. The smoke and gas from a burning house will put you down not the flames, JR Brown Chief
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