Surviving a landslide

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    Landslides occur in areas where there are steep slopes which would cause a film of water underground to provide viscosity to the earth above ground. Landslides exert a heavy infrastructural and human toll. I am at a loss on how one can survive a landslide since it occurs so unexpectedly just like an earthquake. I think the basic principles of earthquake engineering can apply. Any suggestions?
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    During the rainy season, which is popularly called monsoon here in my home country, landslides are very frequent. Though I have never been directly;y affected by landslide, landslide is one of the major natural disasters in the country. Every year over 50 people die because of landslides. Sometimes villages and towns are buried under the landslide. In one of the biggest landslide cases in the country, two years ago, landslide buried entire village and killed 200 people. In order to avoid landslide, we should plant trees in the area where there is a chance of landslide.
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    There is a city in the mountain called Baguio City which has a cool climate hence it is named summer capital of the Philippines. Expect people to flock during summer. But the zigzag road near the city is conducive to landslides. I have seen smaller landslides that blocked half the road. And it looks scary to be trapped in that road because it is a mountain path where the ravine is way down low. In other words, there is no escape if you are trapped.

    Once there was a big landslide in that area that trapped a passenger bus because there were 2 landslides and the trapped area was just about 2 kilometers long. The passengers were rescued after 2 days when the big boulders were removed by heavy equipment. No one was hurt but the passengers were mostly shaken because they thought they wouldn't last long without water and food (although some of them have logistics).
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