Surviving Deadly Diseases Starts With a Strong Mind and Natural Medicine

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Today it seems that there are more deadly diseases than ever before. There are a multitude of conditions in which doctors and scientists are constantly trying to discover new breakthroughs to help manage and cure the symptoms for. Cancers, epilepsy, Crohn's disease, diabetes, hypertension, PTSD, and many other diseases have been at the center of many studies for years. Doctors have a long list of pharmaceutical prescriptions for all of these conditions. The problem with these is they do not work. For the most part,, these pills do more harm than good for people. However there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medication which have worked for centuries, and they can still work for you. Doctors are not going to tell you this information, so it is best for you to learn it for yourself.

    Plants such as saffron, ginseng, and cannabis have a multitude of healing properties that can be utilized in a nutraceutical form. Many people are finding great success when turning to plant medicines as opposed to pharmaceutically engineered prescription drugs. Cannabis, for example, is helping to manage the symptoms of many forms of epilepsy as well as providing cures for cancer for some individuals. It's showing promise in helping to control and alleviate diabetes Crohn's disease, PTSD, ADHD, and many other disorders. Surviving any kind of deadly disease is partially all in the mind. When you start to believe what the doctors tell you, that is when your hope is lost. Always believe that you can accomplish anything because the mind has the greatest ability to heal of all. When combined with the natural aspects of traditional plant medicines a strong mind can produce a strong body.
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    Cannabis seems to be a touchy subject with states legalizing it. Just my opinion, many natural medicines will not get approved by the FDA due to the big money that can be lost with their bed mate, big pharma.

    I do not agree with allopathic doctors that would say if a pill doesn't cure, then cut something out. I honestly believe that the majority of MDs are not trying to cure the problem, but just alleviate the symptoms. I'm the homeopathic type and love the herbal stuff I learned from my grandparents. I really do believe that this body and plants can heal anything. Some problems arise because some companies think they can make natural stuff even better by altering it in some fashion. Remember, for most people, there are no side side effects, but every pill does have some.
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    the trouble with conventional medicine is that it all has too many side effects, post SHTF I will be going the herbal route.
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    What people fail to realize is that most of the medicines given in hospitals by physicians are actually derived from these self same herbs that herbal practitioners lay claim to. The difference is refinement and additives. The other issue has to do with dosage since its easy to overdose on herbal medicines. The best survival strategy lies in the realm of nutritional medicine focused on one's immune system. Then when disease strikes, its possible to recover easily. Preventive medicine is the best strategy.
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    I am a senior in college majoring in Biology and plants are they key ingredients in every pill. However, we all know that there are cures for most of these diseases and illnesses. If the scientists and doctors cure everything then they won't make money. Cancer patients pay over $100,000 a year in treatments (sometimes less or more). So why would they cure something so beneficial? Aids patients are the same way. My family suffers from Sickle Cell Disease and Heart conditions. It is all about money but I am a herbal girl. Luckily I'm a soon to be biologist.
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    The problem is that people have not disabused themselves from curative medicine. This is the era of preventative medicine where people are supposed to concentrate on nutritional interventions to cure diseases rather than expensive chemical interventions that do more harm than good. The fact remains that most of these medicines have contraindications some of which are more serious than the disease.
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