Surviving in a mountain with rebels

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Corzhens, Jun 4, 2016.

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  1. Corzhens

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    Most rebels in our country have their lairs in the boondocks. What happens when suddenly you are lost and you found yourself near a lair of rebels? The first impulse is to run. I would agree to that if you have the energy to escape. But if not, the best you can do is to hide yourself from being discovered by the rebels. Especially when you are a woman, you don't know what those hungry men would do to you.

    And what if you are caught? An acquaintance of my husband in one seminar is a field reporter of a tv channel. She and her husband, who is her cameraman, were caught by Muslim rebels in the south of the Philippines. They were arrested and kept for so many days and eventually they were freed unharmed. What they did was to show the rebels who they really are and that they meant no harm. The rebels are also human and would only harm you if you pose as a threat to them. That's a neat lesson not to be antagonistic towards people you do not know.
  2. John Snort

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    Also instead of hanging about to find out whether the rebels will spare you or not, do what everyone else would do. Flee. Living near rebels never is safe because should the government dispatch a unit to fight the rebels and they are outgunned, all the civilians they find will be their human shields. And sometimes soldiers can kill civilians just so they can also get rid of rebels . . . there are times when the end justifies the means.
  3. iseeyou

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    That's a scary thought. Being captured by rebels, they are generally vile gunmen and wouldn't hesitate to kill if a victim would make one wrong move. I guess you just follow their orders and behave yourself, be vigilant of the your surroundings and formulate an escape plan if you can. I don't know, there's really not much you can do, your life is hanging by a thread the moment the rebels got you, so i guess all you can do is pray for your life.
  4. Endure

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    Is quite simple, or you join them or you avoid them. Otherwise you'll be their hostage or even slave labour. Guerrilla warfare and radical religious groups are not regardes as outcasts because they're different, but for crimes of terrorism
    and human rights. But they are also humans, you can't tell what would be their intentions towards someone that they
    can't recognize as a direct enemy.
  5. Correy

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    I think fleeing will only get them to shoot you, because if they realise you found them then they run the risk of being discovered. They'd sooner kill you and be safe rather than hunt you down.
    I guess you could play it off as pretending to be a sympathiser, if you know what they are all about, but that's a dangerous game.
  6. Valerie

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    Interesting how I've never truly thought of this scenario before... As others have mentioned, it's pretty much a hide and seek game once something like encountering rebels happen. If I got close enough to their hideout without being discovered, I'd probably hunker down somewhere out of sight and try to eavesdrop on conversations the best I could. Just in case if I get caught, I want information that will make me sound like I sought them out. Seeming like a sympathizer is a good idea, as Correy said. Unless these rebels are known for being bloodthirsty... then you'd certainly want to stay out of their way.
  7. BeautifullyBree

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    I agree with the first comment. If I lived in an area rebels also shared I would flee. Its to risky to have family members in an area with such behavior. If I was caught by them before fleeing I would try to reason with them, but it seems unlikely.
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