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Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Hikin33t, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Hikin33t

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    I went out hiking with some friends once and we came across a river. We started jumping across it, what with us being 17 at the time.

    I guess age is getting the better of me since I cannot for the life of me remember how I found myself stuck underwater being pinned down by a log.

    But it happened. I remember being fine one moment and then in sudden fear for my life the next. The log was heavy and with the water restricting my movements, I couldn't lift it off my leg. I was trapped and my head was underwater. The river wasn't that deep, it was actually quite shallow (you could stand in it), nor were the rapids all that intense. It LOOKED harmless. And yet, I almost lost my life being stuck between the riverbed and that very fat log.

    My friends were nearby, yeah, but none of them were aware of what was going on.

    I wonder if they would have noticed if I didn't surface?

    Thankfully, the current moved the log enough for me to squeeze out under it. I don't know how long it was because my perception of time slowed waaaaaaay down.

    Desperation did come and so did panic. I realised fairly quickly how much danger I was in. I mean, tt was an odd situation where, the river wasn't deep enough for me to swim under the log but deep enough to submerge me while I was pinned.

    I really underestimated nature that day and I almost paid for it. I almost became a statistic of kids who die near rivers.

    Do you have any stories about rivers?

    Safety tips or survival techniques are more than welcome.
  2. Clara1993

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    Oh My God I'm soo sorry for that :)
    And That's whay I never swim in rivers Even when I swim in Lakes I make sure there are lifeguards nearby otherwise I don't swim, Plus you guys needed to know that Hazards happen like underwater obstacles, Rocks and debris moving on surfaces and don't forget the current all this could harm you I must say that You were lucky to get Out of there alive :) however If you have to swim in a river Experts recommand to float down on your backwith your feet downstream and Your head upstream this may help to protect your head from debris :)
  3. remnant

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    In my area here in the tropics, rivers are swollen during during the rainy season and there are always casualties due to the strong currents. Swimming skills may or may not save you but the best way to survive rivers is not to take the risk of crossing them at treacherous places, thats what I mean.
  4. Hikin33t

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    Wow! I didn't know that! Thanks for the tip. Though, I'm definitely going to take your approach and be more careful around rivers from now on.

    I could not agree more. Where was someone as sensible as you among my group of childhood playmates? Haha.
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