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Discussion in 'Medicinal Plants' started by viva93, Jun 5, 2016.

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  1. viva93

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    I would like to write a little about tea tree oil, because it can help you with a lot of skin irritations and infections.

    I use tea tree oil since years now. Basically it is an essential oil that is antimicrobial, mostly used regarding hyginie and cleaning.

    Using it in your shampoo and making a small concentrated face wash can help with bacterial infections, I also use it in my laundry because it is a great and natural disinfectant.

    Does any of you use tea tree oil? Any other uses?
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  2. tb65

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    Yes I used to put this in my hair. Tea tree oil also repels bugs and dust mites. I do think you have to dilute this tho because it can burn. I know this is one essential oil that most people should use more often.
  3. Christopher Gibb

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    It helps if you have a tick anywhere on the body one drop and it falls out just that easy instead of pinching it to get it out.
  4. cmoneyspinner

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    No I have never used tea tree oil because I just recently learned about it when I researching manuka honey. A visit to a website maintained by a “Dr. Axe” provides details on what this natural remedy can do. Sounds wonderful!

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