The .32 Caliber Flintlock Muzzle-Loading Rifle.

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    The .32 Caliber Flintlock Muzzle-Loading Rifle.

    Compared to a breech-loading .22 rimfire rifle the .32 caliber muzzle-loading rifle is less expensive to feed, & is more powerful over longer distances. Just 14 grains of 3FG gunpowder is powerful enough to down small game, & this is a very accurate load in my own rifle.

    Larger game can be taken by using a larger load, & you can also use slugs for even more dropping power when hunting larger game such as wild boar & wild cattle.

    In a long term wilderness living situation this little gun is ideal. The lock is easy to repair if it should malfunction (which is unlikely given its simplicity & hardiness), & if you do not have any spare lock parts, this rifle will still function as a matchlock or a tinderlock.


    This rifle has double set triggers.
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