The British Public Has Given Up On The Police's Ability To Crack Crime.

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by lonewolf, Feb 7, 2020.

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    that's too bad and I wonder where it will all end
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    This kind of PC nonsense to handcuff the police is rapidly coming to many American Cities and slated to spread to many others. It is already here in many heavily leftist cities with the predictable results....rabid, runaway, continued design.

    And so too it is in the design.

    America is being molded into the internationalist leftist template....just like the UK and also places on the Continent.

    Because of such educated nonsense like this ...people in the UK and other nations on the Continent....Sweden comes to mind....these people will be taking second, third, and fourth place in their own the two legged wildlife get more government support than the taxpaying people.

    You have to become educated in socialist stupidity schools to get this advanced in such rabid stupidity. But leadership has certainly so done.

    And so too it is becoming thus here in America...particularly by college trained leadership...trained in Internationalist philosophy and not American thinking and values.

    Only todays publicly financed education in stupid can dumb a people and their leadership down that far that they think that taking second, third, and fourth place is normal when they take first place risks for their monies.

    Wealth redistribution is not risk redistribution..

    Remember that when next you hear leadership or some phony educator teaching such nonsense.

    Wealth Redistribution is making some people disposable and expendable for the freebees of others...making some people doubly expendable and disposable ..for they have to pay and risk twice..once for themselves and their families and again for the freebees of others.
    This is what happened in Obama Care..but no one wanted to speak openly of this....even the fabled Fox News.

    This is bondage and involuntary servitude....pleasantly renamed re glossed/shined up and concealed as wealth redistribution. A political scam..for keeping/maintaining votes and power.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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