The Difference Between Day and Night

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    Survival situations can occur on a moment's notice. You can go from having a normal day to day lifestyle to one that is completely flipped upside down. When you are in the wilderness, there is a huge difference between daytime and nighttime. One could say it's a difference that is like day and night. During the daytime is when many people have traveled throughout history when it comes to wilderness travel.

    This is not because there are better views during the daytime. In fact, it is easier on many animals as well as people to travel at night. By traveling during the daytime people can keep a better eye out for man's worst predator which is other people. At night time, people have to be vigilant of wild animals, insects, and reptiles.

    It's also quieter at night and if somebody is trying to approach your camp it is more likely they will be noticed then during the daytime. Being prepared by knowing the difference between day and night in the wilderness can help you to survive the ultimate survival situation should one ever happen to you.
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    Yes there is a difference between traveling in the day and traveling at night. In the day, you must protect yourself from human beings. In the night, you must protect yourself from wild animals. Furthermore, human are more accustomed to travel in the day because human beings are not nocturnal creature. Another difference, you may be able to travel all through the day, however, at night you cannot continue walking, you have to take rest so that you may be able to continue your journey the next day.
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    don't forget, smoke will be smelt, noise will be heard and light will be seen much further at night, at least twice the distance if not more than that in daytime.
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