The Epic Zombpocalypse Of Billbamesh

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    Bill is a man that has always sought out higher things than most people, in his generation did. While everyone else was just sailing through life in the rat race without asking any questions, he was a questioner. Where everyone else was submitting to authority as though it was the "right thing to do". Why should people be a "slave to the money"? Who says that's right? He asks. Some guy in a tie in an office somewhere? Some same guy who is also doing lots of backhanded stuff under the table? Surely this is supposed to be a democracy. But is it really?

    And this gives you an idea of the intellectual and revolutionary mind of Bill. Though not the full picture of the real and genuine article of a character that Bill is. That one in a million that sees things from outside the box. But he's just an ordinary guy too on the face of it all! Just a cool dude with some great survival skills and a mind of knowledge that would make him one of the most uniquely important people in his generation to help them get through and out of and put an end to the zombie apocalypse.

    And never low key, a whirlwind prophecied like the modern day prophet that Lowkey is! Bill is a man that has stepped up the challenge and dream of a lifetime for many people by traveling the world during his younger budding years. Gaining experience and knowledge of different ways of life, cultures & people. And through all of this, Bill discovered more than he could have ever have imagined! Bill come to learn of a powerful knowledge, very nearly lost and forgotten about forever.

    Bill looks out the window of his canopy home deep within the jungles of the Amazon. But this is no ordinary makeshift home and it's high up in the canopies for a reason. Bill knows this is the safest and best place to live right now. To rest and sleep. Even to cook and eat. Since the zombies are attracted by strong smells, noises, and smoke. When you live on the ground, you need defenses and Bill isn't going to be here forever. Right now he's just waiting for the season to change. For Mother Nature to do her thing. And anyway, zombies make really terrible climbers so it's much safer when you're sleeping!

    And with Summertime booming, there are many wild beasts and lethally flesh-munching undead walkers that were once a part of the city that has been completely consumed by the outbreak that nobody was immune to. And hardly prepared for. Barr only very small pockets of people here and there of those that were.

    And what was this? Was it something biblical? Some apocalyptic biblical event as predicted in the Bible? One of the seven vials of wrath poured out for man's refusal to repent and worship God? Was there no more room in hell for the dead? Was it because of something outside our planet? Something alien like that caused it? Something that those ancient astronaut theorists talked about such as the Dogon Tribe and exactly what locations like Puma Punku and the Annunaki or even Stone Henge itself was for. Since these sites seemed to be in the direction the outbreak was known to have started in.

    Or was it because of something much darker? For some reason that most people simply can't and don't want to accept? Could it be, that perhaps this was done by our own government? Our own or another country has unleashed some biochemical weapon that causes the dead to walk around and want to wear your internal organs? Whatever it was, Bill certainly will get to find out. And find that he has knowledge that would later come to lead to a fuller understanding of why there's a raging zombie apocalypse and how to put an end it!

    For now, Bill was alone in the deep jungles of the Amazon. Separated from friends and from all contact with outside world and anyone that hasn't become infected yet. And while it's not a problem for Bill, he'd like to leave the jungle and go and start connecting the dots in his quest for answers and resolve. But Bill has to wait around yet for the season to change because it's just too damned dangerous to go through the city right now as there are hundreds and thousands of the undead hiding in the shadows and will run you down.

    Bill has to wait until the wintertime when the cold weather will freeze most of the zombies so they can hardly move...

    What will tomorrow bring for Bill?

    Stay tuned folks for the next part in the riveting adventures of The Epic Zombpocalypse of Billbamesh!

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