The Final Countdown. Climate Change!

Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by Keith H., Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. Keith H.

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    Not this garbage again! CO2 is plant food not pollution!
    In the past CO2 ppm were as high as 1300! there was no runaway warming then and there wont be now!

    In fact with earths growing population we should be actively boosting atmospheric CO2 to boost crop growth to feed all those mouth's!

    Before all this insanity re global warming when intelligence reigned it was worked out that earth was on the brink of returning to the ice age !

    That has not changed and real science still says so!

    I do not expect any warmers to believe me and frankly I am past caring.
    I was told in the 80's that by 2000 the earth would have warmed by 3C FAIL!
    I was told in the 90's that the sea level would be rapidly rising by 2010 FAIL!

    So far not a single prediction has come true in reality! Only the TAX'S, GRANT,S, PROFITEERING AND SHAMING have eventuated!

    Follow the money people! Billions and billions of dollars all going to bullshite studies etc!

    Where from comes that money? from the people that's where, we are the payers not the spenders!
  3. Old Geezer

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    Cutting down rain forests so that the Japanese can continue building as they did x-thousand years ago must stop.

    Higher CO2 levels have caused the bio-mass of existing forests to increase mightily. Healthier forests and healthier crops will be the result. Plant growth in the world's oceans will cause problems and should the gulf stream shut down, Europe's temperatures will plummet.

    The United States needs to go nuclear power as has France. Were I the dictator of America, I would put the Army Corps of Engineers in charge of quality control engineering for the nuclear industry. If some manager takes shortcuts, bam!, his rear end would be thrown in Leavenworth prison.

    If sulfur is left in coal, that sulfur introduced into the upper atmosphere helps cool the Earth.
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