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Discussion in 'Efficient Living' started by Tom Williams, Aug 3, 2017.

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    This to me means that i live within my means im not in credit trouble i own eveything i have. I have the tools to do the work needed right i maintain all my tools properly our work load daily is a cycle that works for us well when a problem comes up it is handled and delt with so that life goes on as we started in 78 with a dream our hard work has rewarded us with a good life
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    What are we supposed to discuss?
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    The good life is all in your head. I learned a long time ago that I could have the good life in even the worst of times. I was DIRT poor and out of work for about a year in the early 80s when the area that I lives had 36% unemployment and the oil industry crashed. It affected me for almost a decade because after things got slightly better I had NO past employers that they could check because EVERY PLACE that I had ever worked went out of business including Bethlehem Steel that had had been a major employer of nearly 4000 people where I lived. Despite all the other crap there were good years in so many ways because I was home and with my wife and baby girl. when I did go to work I was at work all the time and missed so much. Because of this I ended up sending my wife to college and then moving and starting my own business after my wife was in a good palce working for the state. After that we made decisions that were mostly influenced by out survivalist beliefs and we bugged out almost 30 years ago. Our decisions were not financially the best but they were the best for survival and even more important for the good life. I never missed one of my daughters basketball games and she worked for me from age 10 to 18. We ween't rich but we were happy in the country with horses, cattle, pigs, goats and kids running all over the place. Now my daughter and family live beside me and I see my Grand baby Danni Leigh named for me and my wife EVERY DAY. Life is STILL good!!!
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