The importance of a sleeping bag

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  1. remnant

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    Any survivor in am environment should have a sleeping bag handy. There are situations even in normal day to day life that would present challenges that would precipitate a situation where one has to spend the night out, even in the wild a sleeping bag comes in handy. Some drunkards have come to appreciate this item and lunge to the nearest thicket to spend the night inside. They are also protective from water. Sleeping bags are portable and are handy for deep forest excursions.
  2. lexinonomous

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    Sleeping bags are incredibly important to have. You never know when you're going to be in a situation where you're in need of warmth. It's important to look into a sturdy sleeping bag, that way there are no issues when it comes to harsh weather. They can also come in handy if you're faced with a flood. Waterproof sleeping bags can help you travel across short distances of water- though I don't think this is a very common scenario. I'd imagine people could use their sleeping bag as a form of shade as well- at least during the day. I would never leave for survival, without a sleeping bag on hand.
  3. OursIsTheFury

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    Had sleeping bags when we used to trek into the mountains for medical outreach programs. It was basically a large camping trip that would require an entire month of walking and hiking with no access to electricity or technology, so it was pretty fun. We didn't have any beds to sleep in, so we had to bring our own sleeping bags, and just sleep at any place that can pass of as a shelter for the night, especially during rainy seasons when storms come and go, especially deep in the boonies. There were times that you really can't stand the sleeping bags, but all in all, they are very essential if you want to have a private place to sleep on at night.
  4. tb65

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    I do think that sleeping bags are a great choice. I still would love to be in a tent, just the feeling of having shelter makes anyone feel safe. I've heard people say they like to build shelters off the ground because of snakes or animals that have venom. This is the only thing I think a sleeping bag can't help with if your face has to be exposed.
  5. meganisonfire

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    I think that sleeping bags can be a good idea. However I also think that they can be a bad idea. It depends on where you are going to be sleeping at. It could create a sleeping coffin for poisonous animals to join you.

    The good side to the sleeping bag is that you can sleep comfortable. Also you can get nice and warm as well. It would definitively be better then sleeping completely on the bare ground. It would be better to use then a blanket made out of leaves!

    The down side of the sleeping bad is that you can create your own death bed (literally)! If you are laying on the ground then snakes or spiders and crawl inside with you because it is warm and cozy. Next thing you know you are being bit and there is nothing that you can do about it. I don't know about you, but that would be very scary for me.
  6. Keith H.

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    I personally don't like & don't use a sleeping bag. They are bulky, they are heavy when wet, they take for ever to dry out, they do not keep you as warm as a pure wool blanket when wet, you can't get out of a sleeping bag quickly in an emergency, & IF the zipper jams you can't get out at all unless you cut your way out. Also you are unable to defend yourself when you are in a sleeping bag.
    I carry just one wool blanket all year round, but I do most of my trekking & camping in winter. I have been doing this for about 30 years now & have never used a sleeping bag in that time.
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  7. FuZyOn

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    Sleeping bags are definitely a must if you can't get a shelter going until the night, otherwise you can be fine without it as long as you have a good blanket and materials in the woods. I usually make a bed out of leaves with sticks at the bottom, then "glue" it up together with clay. I put the blanket over and it makes for a really nice, natural bed.
  8. Corzhens

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    As I had posted in another thread, the first thing that comes to mind in times of disaster is shelter or safe place, food, water and other essentials. But at the end of the day, there is the realization that we all need a comfortable place to sleep on. We bought sleeping bags for use in our camping trips. Even without a tent, a sleeping bag is almost sufficient at night as long as there cover on your head like a tree or even a bush and in worse cases, an umbrella. The advantage of sleeping bag over the sleeping mat is the zipper (some are with velcro straps) which protects you from insects particularly ants.

    For our camping trips, I am assigned with that chore of preparing the sleeping place and what I normally do is to place a mat flooring inside the tent before I arrange the sleeping bag. But normally, there are 2 of us in the tent so we seldom zip the sleeping bags.
  9. Moroccanbeauty2266

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    I would also want to add a sleeping bag to my survival kit.
    The reasons being that it will help keep me warm and in case building a shelter fails I could always use the sleeping bag in a good area, such as under a tree.
    Yes, it might be bad to use it but honestly I think the advantages overweigh the disadvantages.
  10. lonewolf

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    being British I have always used a sleeping bag, even when in the scouts half a century ago!:D
  11. Arkane

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    I used a sleeping bag for a decade or two but not now!
    I now just use a hammock

    To camp I rig the hammock then set the fly over the top, I can change the setup for summer or winter.
    If it is cold I add a balaclava and mittens and drape the cloak over me!
    In summer I set the mozzie net under the fly
    I have make and break camp down to a fine art now, six minutes to make and under two minutes to break!
  12. TexDanm

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    I think that in general in a survival situation I prefer a bed roll. A canvas tarp with a wool blanket and a flannel sheet all rolled up together is fairly light and more adaptable than a sleeping bag and as Keith pointed out they are easier to get out od in a hurry. Trow in a couple of space blankets, a plastic drop cloth, a mosquito net and a GI poncho liner and you have a sleeping system that will keep you warm dry and comfortable in almost any weather. Sleeping is important!
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