The Key to Surviving a Snakebite

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    There are only a few things that you can do to help you survive a snake bite should you be bitten by one. First of all, if you were bitten by a deadly or poisonous snake you most likely only have moments to react before the symptoms of the deadly venoms start to set in. Knowing what kind of snake you have been bitten by is imperative for you to get the right antivenom to counteract the snakes poisonous bite. For snakes that are not poisonous, you can still run the risk of catching a bad infection from their bites. Having a snake bite kit on hand if you frequent the outdoors regularly is a great idea. If you ride trail bikes in the woods, backpack, or just like walking the trails at the park a snake bite kit might come in handy one day more than you think. The worst possible scenario during a snakebite is not having any form of help at all or not knowing what to do. Being able to identify properly the snake to the right medical personnel can make the difference between life or death.
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    I assume by snake bite kit you are referring to a bandage? That is all you can do, bandage the limb starting above the bite & working down below the bite & then work your way back up again if you have enough bandage. Get help as soon as you can IF you can, moving yourself will only hasten the effects of the venom. The injured should be carried to help or they should rest & hope for the best.
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    IF there will not be an ambulance/hospital/antivenine there is one other little known thing you can do

    First bind the limb of the bite if it is on a limb as keith said!
    But here is the thing! Snake venom biodegrades over time!
    If you keep the limb bound for long enough like several days
    by the time the poison gets to the body proper it is far less lethal!
    You will still get sick but most likely not die!

    Bandage binding must be tight but not too tight, hand or foot should swell and hurt but not go blue/black! if feeling is lost it is too tight
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