The Magic Of Paracord For First Aid

Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by Carter, Jun 10, 2016.

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    Any "survivalist" can tell you that you should always be prepared with paracord, but they never really tell you why. While there are a lot of uses for paracord there is one I find most helpful and practical for First aid purposes. So lets say you find yourself at the bottom of a hill because you tripped and fell and possibly broke your leg (which could be common in a survival type situation). You need to think fast to help your leg be mobile while healing. All you have is Paracord and a couple of sticks laying on the ground beside you.
    In this situation I would grab the two sticks put them next to my broken leg on each side and tie with the paracord at the top of the thigh were the sticks end is and at the bottom were the other end of the stick is located. This contraption basically serves as a makeshift cast and really helps with healing, while still being able to move.
    Hopefully this skill serves you well if you are ever found in this situation.
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    In my area people make paracord bracelets. They unravel in case of emergency. It seems like it would be a useful accessory to own. You could wear it around your wrist in case of emergency.
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