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    Good morning all,

    This article shows us the health-care environment we'd face SHTF.

    Ref the next to last para; "the best care regardless of the circumstances": A large corpus of "foot notes" explains how the protocols change during DIFFERENT circumstances.

    HIPPA is the de facto medical "privacy act". It is broadly interpreted to protect the privacy of the patient. Once worked a perfect example of this: On a sleet/cold rainy night, a shelter mgr asked if I'd go out to parking lot to get VIN and license plate number of a vehicle for requesting LEO. Was told the vehicle's owner was in shelter with broken bone. This scenario is "protected" HIPPA info since the patience - can - be identified from this info.

    Of course my ICS forms clearly indicate "HIPPA INFO"


    Meanwhile, in hour two of a publicly announced SHTF emergency, the medical facilities will be supersaturated. Nearest parking space is White Horse, Canada. Ensure your medical kit is ready.

    Been there; done that.
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