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    Lastyear my freind jerry retired from the game comission he was 72 the young man that took over was fresh out of school a pure rookie when he asked jerry to show him ginseng jerry sent him to me his truck was shiney and clean his gear was new as he pulled up to the housethe mrs pointed to the out building i was in i was cleaning honey with smokey our kinda pet bear he dont like strangers too much but for him to show up at honey time was a bad choice smoke at the edge of shed with some comb he was enjoying stood and growled at the young man he froze and turned white as a ghost as i came out with a hand full of comb and told the bear to lay down and eat the poor young man took a few minutes to be able to speak after he calmed down and i took the comb and bear to the shed he sleeps in he headed to his truck i got him calmed downand back out of his truck he stammered out he was sent by jerry to see sang so i showed him a batch i had dryin and a batch of golden seal allso then i showed him a patch of young plants i had comeing along i let the plants get at least 5 years old before i even think of harvesting them he stayed and was amazed at our homestead farm a few days later jerry came up lol seems the young man had never seen a large live bear let alone one feet away and growlin i guess his pants were not so new when he left he allways calls or contacts me by radio and has never visited our home again
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    That seems kind of mean. ;)
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    LMAO! Punctuation matters lol
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