The New World Order. United Nations.

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    A long-held conspiracy theory yet again gets proven true. The UN at the seventy-first regular session has aggregated the role of the United Nations in promoting a new global human order into their agenda. In addition to the aforementioned under section A. titled, “Promotion of sustained economic growth and sustainable development in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly and recent United Nations conferences,” is also the plan for total Globalization and interdependence.
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  2. Arkane

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    Yet some nations are breaking away from the UN !

    I see the UN and the EU waining in power in the near future

    And get a few euros now for your collection as they are going the way of the dodo!
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    The UN has really done well in stop another global conflict or a world war but preserving unity and security in the world has not really been achieved by the UN, the UN does not act fast to resolve any conflict,they will deliberate and arrive at a conclusion that it is an internal conflict which will later escalate to something uncontrollable. For UN to be effective it needs to work hand in hand with all government instead of choosing sides.
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    Eh, that website also has articles on Nibiru, chemtrails, sasquatch, ghosts, demons, satanic rituals, space aliens/UFOs, The Club of Rome, the Mark of the Beast, and about every other wacky religious notion, pseudoscience, or conspiracy theory out there. Go ahead and search on some of those and you'll see plenty of articles. I'm no fan of the United Nations, but I can't take this site seriously.
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