The Pig Is A Natural Garbage Disposal

Discussion in 'Animal Husbandry' started by Corzhens, Jul 7, 2017.

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    I remember my grandfather with the pig in his backyard. He would always say that the pig is a natural garbage disposal unit because it will eat whatever you give it. In fact, they don’t buy feed in the olden days. Pig owners would roam the neighborhood to ask for leftover food, fresh or spoiled wouldn’t matter. They would just heat the leftover for 30 minutes and the pig would be savoring it. In the rural areas, there are loose pigs in the yard that find their own food. And when the pig is full grown, it’s time to sell. Neat eh?
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    Raising pigs is a good investment for many reasons:

    cheap feeding: like @op said pigs can eat almost whatever you offer them. They can help the neighborhood manage the wastes that comes from leftover food. Another aspect that makes pig a good investment is that, they reproduce large number. so you have enough piglets to sell to new farms
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    We have raised pigs before, and they will absolutely eat almost anything that you feed them. New health rules prevent restaurants from giving away food scraps now; but back when we first had pigs, I could go to the local pizza place, the restaurants, and all of the grocery stores and pick up food and old produce that was unusable at the grocery store.
    I fed it to the chickens and the pigs.
    Chickens are omnivores, too, and like a pig, they will eat almost anything that they can get in their mouth.
    Between the two, I think that I would choose to have the chickens. Pigs get very large before they are ready to butcher, and they are also escape artists. They had no problem digging a tunnel under the fence of their pigpen and escaping, and then they are extremely hard to get back into the pen again. Sometimes, we almost decided that if they weren't going to get back in the pigpen they were going to be dinner, right then and there !
    Even when we put electric wire on the inside of the fence that didn't stop them for long.
    At first, they bumped their noses on the fence , squalled and left it alone. Then, somehow, they discovered that if they threw dirt over the electri fence it would short out, and ...ZIP.....out from under the fence they went again.
    Chickens, on the other hand can be pretty much turned loose once they have laid their eggs for the day, and not only do they eat all kinds of scraps, they are great bug catchers; so they will keep the bugs and grasshoppers out of your garden.
    And at night, they take themself right back into their chicken coop so that they can sleep up on their roost. Yes, I definitely prefer chickens over pigs.
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