The Process Of Drying Fish

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    Dried fish is the main industry in the coastal areas here. What they do with the fish for drying is to slice it open to sremove the gut because that is the part that is easy to spoil. Drying in the sun is the only process needed although once in a while, the drying fish is poured sea water. But if you are in the wilderness and the fish you will dry came from the river, you can use salt as preservative. Just be sure that flies or any other insects will not feast on the fish because it will produce maggots.
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    I tend to do this a lot when I was living with my grandma's near the coastal area. I really like the taste of salted fish. I like salty foods actually.
    I have done this process a couple of times. Yep you are right. Take out the inner parts and salt them and let dry.
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    I think if you were near a lake or stream this would be an excellent way to survive for long periods of time. This is of course, provided that the lake, stream, river or pond has fish. I mean if you had no other way to preserve them, using salt would be an excellent method of preservation.
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