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  1. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    Just to keep us informed on what won't be on the 6 o'clock news.

    Jihad Report
    April, 2017

    Attacks 165
    Killed 1336
    Injured 946
    Suicide Blasts 30
    Countries 25

    ^^^Worldwide in just one week.


    I check out this site a couple times a week just to see where the murderers are striking next.
    2.1 BILLION Muslims but only (only?) 15% support or take part in murdering us.
    What is 15% of 2.1 billion anyway?
    Comforting, what.

    Caveat: I have noting against Islam. Radical murdering Islam is another story.

    People killed by radical Muslims on 9/11: 2,996
    Muslim-Americans killed "in revenge": 1

    There must be a fundamental difference in thinking here.

    "know thy enemy" comes to mind.

    I hope this information doesn't upset members or staff.
    If so please let me know and I'll restrain myself.
  2. sanny99

    sanny99 New Member

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    2017.05.17 (Afghanistan)
    Five employees and a guard are murdered during a suicide assault on a TV station by Religion of Peace proponents. 2017.05.16 (Nigeria)
    Three female suicide bombers kill two sleeping brothers at a refugee camp. 2017.05.14 (Mali)
    A young couple is put in the ground and stoned for having unmarried sex. 2017.05.14 (Syria)
    A man and woman are stoned to death for adultery. 2017.05.14 (Afghanistan)
    Six children between the ages of 6 and 12 are disassembled by Sunni shrapnel. 2017.05.13 (Nigeria)
    At least eleven villagers are shot and hacked to death by Islamists.
  3. EarlAlexander

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    A religion should not be used to cover murders committed against humanity, a religion should be a mantle of peace and not an instrument for mass murder or using it to justify the act of killing. The world should raise of against this killing and use of religion to cover it, so the name of God will be saved in all aspect
  4. watcherchris

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    Sometimes I think that many of us lose perspective in many things and therefore it is easy for the news to put us on the hook to extract more political power and control over stroke our fears and control us more.

    To people who know...and also know a certain amount of history...Peace is the name of a person...among many other names for Him.

    Peace, as often used in public education and in the news, implies an absence of strife. In this world nothing could be further from the truth.

    And by the way ...not only is Peace one of His names....but also too is Truth.

    If you are looking for peace in this world as an absence of will not find it. Peace, to those of us who know, is the name of a person.

    I am not encouraging or endorsing what the Islamic Religion is attempting to do in this world...and am well aware of their history and pattern of operation...their goals. For I am not an Ishmaelite.

    I am well aware that our own media helps the Ishmaelites to cover up and deflect the Truth here about the Ishmaelites...and their religion...their pattern of operation. This is because our own media has privily embraced the Ishmaelites and Ishmaelite religion and seeks to run cover for them. They have been bought out..our media. For they are legion.

    My .02,


    Not an Ishmaelite.
  5. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    Part of the problem in all of this is just plain Ignorance. Most people see all the Muslims as the same and seem determined to see them all as equally a part of the evil done by the few. This, if turned around would be like holding and seeing all Christians as the same and equally responsible for the actions of one group like say if Jehovah's Witnesses declared a holy war on the world.

    The Islamic faith, just like the Christian and Jewish faiths is made up of many smaller groups that are not only different they also are not always friendly in their relations between themselves. Most people in the US especially are massively ignorant about the Islamic faith. Hell most are totally ignorant of the Jewish faith and Christians worship a Jew. In their ignorance they make "assumptions" that have little to no basis in reality.

    This seems to be human nature that we seem to always find a way to turn a specific fear into a generalized fear. The fact is that a VERY small minority of the Islamic faith are doing the terroristic activities. They are doing it not only to Christians and Jews, they are also attacking the other Islamic faiths. If you are going to see all Islamic people as terrorists then conversely all Christians are Kluckers and/or just like the idiots at that Westboro Baptist Church.

    Every religion has been used at one time or another as an excuse to do evil things. People use nearly ANYTHING as an excuse to do WHATEVER it is that they want to do. We have a SERIOUS problem in this world. I'm not sure exactly why but people of ALL sorts are going absolutely crazy and killing people in MASS. We have always had crazy people and guns are not a new thing.

    I have a theory... It seems to me that crazy people these days are being more than somewhat encouraged by media to act out on their worst desires. Everyone wants to feel like they are not insignificant. Crazy people, suicidal people all to often seem to want to make some sort of statement. In the past this was often some sort of poison pen suicide letter. I think that the massive media attention with its almost circus frenzy is making doing this sort of thing more and more attractive to a certain sort of crazy person.

    If you are suicidally depressed and feel ignored this is one way to finally get the attention that you want. You may do it in the name of Islam or just do it and leave people never knowing what the hell it was about. If you are angry and feeling an insane murderous urge then on the TV you see some other schmuck that has gone out and killed a bunch of people. All channels, all news sources are talking about that killer. He is, at least for a few days, the most famous person in the world!! As your anger and depression sends you spiraling down it is easy to imagine how attractive this sort of acting out might become to a certain sort of disturbed person.

    The truth is that the media thrives on sewage and has started encouraging it...sometimes they are even creating it. This isn't just in the area of terrorism. It is also in the area of social and cultural disharmony. When a policeman had to shoot a criminal that was attacking him in Ferguson Missouri the MEDIA created a lie about him being on his knees with his hands up. The riots and racial anger this caused was 100% the responsibility of the media.

    In the end the facts showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the criminal was on his feet and attacking at the time of his death. This fact was witnessed by a lot of people. The media refused to talk to them and instead put people on the air that told this lie about his surrender. It was later PROVEN that the people saying this were not even there at the time.

    Over and over they are doing this to us. The racial tensions are being CREATED from a pack of lies and media creations. WHY are there never any repercussions for any of this? I think it is because our leadership WANTS us to be afraid and at eachothers throats. This allows then to use these things against us and they hope to eventually use it to take away our rights such as the Second Amendment. The last mass killing was a good example. There are already laws that would have at the very least inhibited the killer from buying guns via stores and such. He had three strikes. A felony conviction for which her could be and was sentenced to a period of over a year in prison, He was convicted of a domestic abuse and he received a dishonorable discharge. Any ONE would have made it illegal for a business to sell him a gun. Who was it that allowed this to happen? The government. Once again though there are no repercussions.

    The media and the Government do as they please and neither laws nor morality as in Right or wrong have any sway. The Government in the US is out of control. We the people elected Donald Trump and now the "government" both the Democrats and the Republicans are trying to sabotage his administration. If they are able and allowed to do this then the entire premise of elections is no longer valid. The purpose of the election is so that the will of the people will be reflected by the actions of its elected officials. This is less true every year.

    Without our guns and without a media that we can trust to tell us the truth our idea of us being a free people is just a dream and no longer reality. It is a dream that will slowly fade leaving us with the reality that we are powerless and little more than voiceless serfs at the best.
  6. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    Islam is a form of Feudal royalty....power in the hands of a this case a religious is church and state combined.
    Absolute power ...divine right of kings the hands and control of the religious clergy.

    Our government is a religious and state combined. In this case a secular clergy teaching a secular religion and holding all others hostage and in bondage to it. But they are carrying out at the same time..."The Appearance of Constitutionality."

    This keeps most Americans placated while also distracted with sports and or the Kardashian mindset of Amusements.

    Something fed to us to prevent thinking...just like all these sex scandles are being used for the same pabulum or cover-up of what someone does not want us to see.

    Soviet communism is the ultimate expression of Humanity ....Humanism...absolute power in the hands of the state.
    Divine right of Kings or absolute this case...secular humanistic power.

    In this end result there is no difference in where Islam will wind up and or Communism.

    But the part of this history which is ignored and yesterday "Experts" in education and leadership

    Any real progress which was to help Islamic nations and or Communist Nations get away from the grinding poverty which always afflicted them....came from Western Nations with a Judeo/Christian background.

    This view , knowledge, and understanding is devoutly avoided in any public school discusstion of history in order to promote their own devout and zealous religious dogma that......

    "All religions are the same religion and all gods are the same god"

    Nothing could be further from the truth....if you know and or have ever been taught the history.

    One of the the most progressive Arab states...Kuwait...did not have any of their own people who could put out a raging oil field fire...they did not have the tools and if they did...did not know how to use them. They had to go to outside sources to get this done. They could not cut it.

    Soviet Russia had to go to Germany for know how to get their Natural Gas fields developed and a pipeline built.
    Soviet Russia??? A super power...had to go outside Russia to get a natural gas system built. What???? Outside of Russia????

    Are some of y ou getting the point????

    Don't just take my word for it...go to any store here in America...many of them not even American Target. Try to find anything made in Saudi Arabia...or Russia...even today.

    Super Powers can do this. You see.

    The religion is wrong Russia..even today.. So too in Saudi Arabia. This means that the fruit these nations produce is wrong for economic prosperity.

    Yet...many of these nations have tremendous abundance of natural resources.....but they cannot get them to fruitation and what they do have must reach fruition by way of western know how from nations with a Judeo/Christian background.

    There is no freedom and liberty extending from the religion of these people which will allow them to built economic prosperity.

    Find a Russian Cell phone...Lap Top..??

    How about a Saudi Arabian one???

    You see...??

    Don't get conned when they try to put all religions in the same basket...someone is trying to con you.

    Be careful what someone tries to teach you and particularly in public schools...about this line of thinking.

    This knowledge is why our government has the often strange conduct they have wherein they seem not to be responsive to the will of the people or in this case the manner in which the people voted last year November.

    For our government is following another religion and another god than the one for which most Americans believe while they try to seduce us against religion and in particular our Judeo/Christian background history...and substitute with Atheistic/Secular Humanism.

    And Atheistic/Secular Humanism...all gods are the same god ..all religions are the same religion is moving our government and leadership in a direction antithetical to our Judeo/Christian history and beliefs.

    And with a return to this Ancient religion/religious system will go our economy and standard of living.

    Notice that since Trump and Company have gotten in office the amount of "Confidence" Americans have in our economy and way of life ...verses 8 years of the Obama Administration /Stagnation./blame game/racism....Ishmaelite bondage.

    When you see enough of this olde and Ancient Pattern repeating itself..over and realize that this is the very best these people following this other religion have...Stagnation/blame game/ racism and any other pabulum they can manufacture and put the onus for these off on others.


    These are two indexes of different religions at work. One of these religions comes in a great number of varieties and names...the the other religion comes in only One Name.

    And the fruit of these religions are very very different if you know how and for what to look.

    Be very very careful of the religion your leaders are following. It is often not the religion matter what they state publically.

    Learn to inspect their their fruit will you know them.

    My .02,

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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