The Shot Pouch.

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    The shot pouch is used to contain all you need for the immediate service of your flintlock longarm, be it rifle or smoothbore. Smoothbore shot pouches are usually a little larger than rifle shot pouches because they often carry a range of different shot. My shot pouch however is not large, even though it belongs to my .62 caliber/20 gauge smoothbore fusil. I prefer a compact shot pouch so I made this one to suit my needs.
    The strap is wool & it is finger woven in two parts & then sewn together as some original 18th century straps were. Powder measure, pricker & pan brush hang from the strap. Vent quills are also secured on the strap. There is also a bullet board containing two round ball in greased patches. This is not normal for a smoothbore as they did not use patched ball, only wads or wadding.
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