The Survival Value Of Oral And Written Traditions, By K.B.

Discussion in 'Other Reference Material' started by Keith H., Jun 12, 2016.

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    A great article indeed. Education is a key part to a community looking forward to thrive. When the situation settles down and preparations have paid off well enough that a small community can emerge and stabilize, life will have to continue and teaching the young is something that should lives on. It indeed conveys the idea that there is a future to work towards at all, for it would be equally difficult psychologically to go on with things if you and your family/community had the attitude that there would be no future.

    Stories can transmit strong examples for the right values We desire to teach to younger generations. It's true that censoring shapes the behaviour of the children, but it doesn't necessarily mean you entirely control what the child
    would become after reaching adulthood. You select and teach a set of values to your children, because parents are
    entitled to educate their children as the way they find suitable. But after adulthood, they will not always follow the
    desired path a parent or a community taught them to do.
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