This Is Why Cnn Is Become Such An Joke Amongst We Who Can Still Think....

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    THis is why CNN is become a joke among many of us who can still think....
    This kind of rabid, rampant, runaway stupidity is becoming standard bill of fare at CNN...

    They are clearly mispresenting the American voter/thinker and attempting to substitute their "Idealism" for news and information.

    This stuff doesn't even make good nonsense once you think it through and get past the stupidity shock.

    This kind of thing is why some of us refer to CNN as Chicken Noodle News. They've certainly earned it.

    here this link.....

    You have to be educated to become this gifted and naturally stupid. Ordinary people are not this stupid.....

    Ishmaelites run wild.....

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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