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    I prefer to call this equipment tools rather than weapons, though of course they can all be used as a weapon. The flintlock is not as slow to load or fire as some people seem to think, & the loading process is faster still if you are using paper or leather cartridges.
    A good hunting knife is essential & of course it can be used in self-defence. This knife like many 18th century knives were made for a specific purpose, this purpose did not & does not include cutting down trees! As well as a hunting knife I also carry a legging knife & an antler handled friction blade clasp knife. The legging knife is a back-up to the hunting knife, & the clasp knife is for camp chores & trap making.
    The tomahawk (Trade Axe) is used in shelter construction, can be used in butchering, self-defence, hunting if required & for recreational throwing. The eye is tapered making it easy to make & fit a new helve if required without the use of a wedge.
    I carry a .70 caliber flintlock smoothbore pistol. As you can imagine, loaded with goose shot (buckshot) at close range it is devastating to more than one target.
    I do not usually carry my sword on Historical Treks, but IF we had to leave our forest home for any reason, then I would be taking it along. In a shtf situation I would be wearing this sword at home providing it did not get in the way of the work I was doing at the time.
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