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    The main tools that stand out in everyone's mind I think will always be the Knife, the axe, & the gun. These three tools above all others have been considered the most important tools to have in the wilderness for centuries. Choosing the right knife, axe & gun is also important, in order to do this you need to think about what will be the main use for these tools?
    Tools in general have specific uses, a hunting knife is used for skinning & butchering game, sometimes dispatching game. It may also be needed for self-defence. Therefore a good choice for a hunting knife is a common butcher knife. The butcher knife was the most popular blade used by woodsrunners in the 18th century. It is light & easy to use but is also robust in its construction.
    Personally I carry three knives, as many other woodsmen did in the 18th century. I have my hunting knife, a legging knife, & a clasp knife. The legging knife is a back-up to the hunting knife. If I accidently dull the edge of my hunting knife on bone when butchering game, I may not want to take the time to sharpen the blade. In which case I finish the job with my legging knife. Mostly I simply field dress game & carry the whole animal back home, but with large game I will remove a hind leg to take home & hang the rest in a tree for collection later.

    The clasp knife is used for camp chores, making a kettle hook, cutting cordage or making trap triggers.

    The tomahawk or trade axe is used for heavier work, making & driving in shelter & trap stakes, shelter construction, hunting if needs be, butchering game, self-defence & recreational throwing. Being able to accurately throw a tomahawk can be an advantage in various situations.

    The longarm is for hunting & self-defence. The flintlock can also be used for making fire without the use of gunpowder.
    The pistol is primarily for self-defence, it is a short range tool which is a back-up to your longarm. It can though also be used for hunting if needs be.

    My .62 caliber/20 gauge smoothbore flintlock fusil with a 42 inch barrel.
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