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  1. branchd77

    branchd77 Administrator Staff Member Gold Supporter

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    What are your top ten survivalist items?
  2. Para173

    Para173 Well-Known Member

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    1. Scoped rifle and ammo
    2. Pistol and ammo
    3. Sheath knife, maybe two
    4. Pocket knife
    5. Three different ways to start a fire. Firesteel, matches, lighter and fuel to assist tinder to burn.
    6. Small emergency medical kit
    7. Fifty feet (or more) of para-cord
    8. Emergency rations of some kind
    9. Signal mirror
    10. LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) This would include canteen, canteen cups, magazine pouches, holster for pistol, butt-pack or rucksack.

    11. Water purification tablets/bleach for water treatment. You really wouldn't need purification tablets because if you can build a fire you can boil your water to purify it.
    12. Extra socks would be nice. You can use these to keep some metal things from rattling and switch when you need cleaner socks/morale boost.
    13. Foot powder
    14. Catsup, salt, pepper and mustard packs for
    15. Packs to add to the water to flavor the water. You know, packs to flavor the water to orange, grape or cherry just for a change of taste.
    16. Fish hooks. You can use these for fishing, trapping small game and as boobytrap devices.
  3. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    1) .62 caliber/20 gauge Flintlock Fusil (including tools & etc)
    2) .70 caliber flintlock pistol.
    3) Tomahawk.
    4) Hunting Knife.
    5) Legging Knife.
    6) Clasp Knife.
    7) Flint & Steel with tinderbox.
    8) Angling Tackle.
    9) Water Flasks.
    10) Medical Kit.

    If I can include all three knives as one, then I would include a pure wool blanket & a knapsack. If the knapsack is classed as a given, then I would include an oilcloth shelter.
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  4. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    First the ten areas the I need to cover with a few possibilities... Then the bottom line ten items for minimal carry...

    Back Pack
    Fanny Pack
    Shoulder Pouch

    1. Shelter

    Poncho or small tarp
    Poncho liner
    Wool blanket
    Large Survival Blanket
    Tube Tent

    2. Fire

    Ferocerium rod
    Magnifier lens

    3. Water

    Chemical Purifier
    Pot for boiling
    Canteen Cup and Cover

    4. Food

    Survival rations
    Energy bars
    Fishing Kit
    Snare kit

    5. Tools and Protection

    Belt knife
    Pocket knife
    Multi Tool
    Hawk or hatchet
    Pry Bar
    Long Gun

    6.Medical Supplies

    Antibiotic ointment
    Cortisone ointment
    Fungal ointment
    Pain Reliever
    Iodine or Bernadine
    Ace bandage
    Space Blankets

    7. Clothes

    T Shirt
    Long Sleeve Shirt

    8. Light

    Candle lamp

    9. Personal & Toilet Items

    Family pictures
    Eye wear
    Toilet paper
    Tooth brush
    Dental Floss
    Microfiber towel
    Compressed wash cloth
    Compressed hand towel

    10. Info & Entertainment

    SAS Survival Manual
    Pocket Reference Book
    Religious Book
    Fiction Book
    Informational Decks of cards
    6 Dice

    Final 10 only items

    Survival Blanket
    Ferocerium Rod
    Water Filter
    Fishing Kit
    Belt Knife
    SAS Survival Manual

    The needs of each person will vary a lot depending on what your skills are, where you live and what sort of weather you expect in the short term. Where I live it is generally warm and wet with a lot of water around to drink and fish in.
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  5. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    1 shelter includes bedroll 2ways to start fire 3 way to purify water 4proper clothing for climate and protective 4good cook kit 5 tools axe hatchet knife 6 compass and topo map of area7 good well stocked first aid kit 8 fish hunt trap supplys9health and comfort supplies towels wash colths tooth brush fine toothed comb solar shower
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  6. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    10 away to carry and move all your gear easy sorry pup bumped me and hit button to quick
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  7. Zyphir

    Zyphir Member

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    The right clothing a good pair of boots and a great bag. Knowledge and being able to think quickly on your feet is more important than all else in my opinion.
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  8. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    No offence intended Jack, but you obviously lack experience & the ability to think out of the box. The first four items would certainly help make life easier, the rest in a shtf situation are just extra weight. You need to learn some primitive skills Jack & gain more experience. This list might cover you on a short camp or picnic where you won't get lost, but other than that it is pretty much worthless. This is only my personal opinion Jack, but it is based on spending my whole life in the country, over 40 years out bush & off grid hunting & trapping for our food.
    Regards, Keith.
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  9. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    "It also depends on which type of situation you are in, but I still think we need these ten essential survival items to survive in harsh conditions".
    Yes I did read what you said Jack & I did take that into account. I am glad you took my reply well & I apologise if it sounded too harsh, but if I am to answer people's questions correctly & responsibly or correct their misconceptions, then there is only one way to do that, & that is to be straight with them & make the point as strong as I can. Now maybe your idea of harsh conditions is not the same as mine. Different people have different experiences. It is a bit like one's pain threshold. A doctor asks you on a scale of 1-10 how much does it hurt. Now before I experiences being cut open without any anesthetic, my answer would have been totally different to what it is now.

    My experience has given me several harsh conditions to choose from, & they are probably different to your's. In cyclone Tracey in 1974 for instance I found no need for Flashlights, Cell Phone, Firestarters, Multi-tool knife, Compass, or Binoculars. Unfortunately gaining experience is very often not without its dangers, I guess that is what is meant by "what does not kill you makes you stronger". Thanks again for taking my reply so well Jack, appreciated.
    Sincere regards, Keith.
    An ex West Sussex lad living in Australia.
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  10. overcast

    overcast Member

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    In no particular order here are my items. 1. Torch or some emergency light. 2. Food 3. First aid kit. 4. Tent 5. Survival manual book or app. 6. Smartphone 7. Swiss army knife 8. Good treck bag. 9. Mosquito insect spray 10. Gloves and shoes pair. These are some of the items that I can think of in short. I guess I may have to add or drop depending on how many people are with me. It also differs on place to place I hope.
  11. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    You know, this sort of listing is VERY very dependent on where it will be used and the skills of the person that will be using them. In my final 10 I included a fishing kit. That would be almost totally useless in a desert local. On the other hand in an even slightly urban environment a multi-tool and crowbar would be wonderful choices while a big knife would be less valuable except as a weapon. Basically in the hands of someone that has absolutely no experience with the cruder more basic types of fire making a lighter is the best choice where as I seldom include one in my most basic kits as I'm sure Kieth H. has little need for such.

    I also generally consider a flashlight past a tiny nano-streamlite pretty unnecessary. I am comfortable in the darkness and in the woods and fire will produce all the lighting that I need generally. For someone that isn't often in the woods and almost NEVER there at night a flashlight may be an absolute need for them to maintain emotional balance while they adjust.

    A persons needs change as their experience levels change. I have a guy that I know really well that couldn't build a fire with less than a dozen matches and just seems unable to learn. ??? He isn't normally stupid but alas he won't last a week without electricity. We were without power for a week and he and his family would have starved to death if it hadn't been for me and local aid agencies that offered meals and MREs.

    I hope, and that is what places like this are great at, that people with little experience can come here and glean the knowledge base that will start them down the road to learning the skills that will make life a lot easier and more comfortable both mentally and physically if they ever need to leave their chosen environment.

    LOL, I said chosen environment instead of survival situation because the fact is that I would need some serious learning, advice and help if I were to suddenly move to the Northern plates of even the US. I have never seen snow that was much more than a couple of inches deep and where I live 40 is a cold day while below freezing is FREEEEEZING cold. I own nothing that is made of wool and where I live cotton is king. On the other hand I am totally comfortable in a swamp or the woods and need very little to not just survive but to live comfortably and temperatures above 100F/37.8C often well above that.

    I have learned a lot here about cold weather survival. The first time I read someone saying that cotton clothes can kill you I thought they had lost their minds. Ignorance is bliss and I was blisstered. My point is that we are all here to learn and each have different skill sets and experiences. This was a great example of that sharing. Don't feel dumb if you don't know something that is what we are all here for and only through asking and sharing can we all benefit.
  12. Kootenay prepper

    Kootenay prepper Expert Member

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    I carry more but these are my top 10 I carry not necessarily in order.
    Fire starter (carry at least 2 different types)
    Water filter or purification means (usually both)
    Survival blanket
    Metal water bottle or small pot for boiling water or cooking food

    Only carry the following in truck or in bush.
    Rifle and ammo
    Axe or hatchet
    Tarp for shelter
    Fishing kit
    Sheath knife

    Always carry easy food and water
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