Tornado Survival; Some Tips

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Pragmatist, Mar 12, 2020.

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    Per ...

    Note a "toppled chimney". Consider having a hard hat as part of preparedness. There are additional benefits besides not directly dealing with toppled chimneys. Attach a light and fluorescent tape on it, on strap, keep a whistle, ...

    Note "the gas was leaking". Many studies addressed whether to keep tools in toolbox at a central location or specific tool at anticipated area of need. With tool costs so reduced, relatively speaking, consider arrangements to do both.

    Note "escape ... via a basement window". Time to check ease of opening windows and consider WD-40'ing certain areas of window. Here, there are no basements because this place is a tidal flood plain. Upstairs, in case of GOOD, ... via a rope ladder, I've got some gym mat type of padding for bottom of window in case vacating premises. Both Madam and I are no longer in shape to use aged bods for direct touch of window frame if/when leaving this shack.

    Prep, prep, prep
    factor in safety.
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  2. Mauser'sDaDa

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    And pop for an above ground tornado shelter if you live in a trailer or basement-free home, too.
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    This is a very realistic possibility for us. Fortunately we do have a basement. A word of caution, DO NOT rely on sirens warning you what is coming. We had a tornado pass within a few hundred yards of our house. No siren. No freight train sound. One of the neighbors took videos with his phone.
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    Had a great uncle who lived in Ohio. He and his family kept their eye on the barometer reading. If the barometric pressure dropped precipitously, they would head for the basement. I remembered his doing that when I moved our family to the Midwest. Barry Barometer was kept out for this purpose. Yes, I named the barometer, Barry. Barack O'Badweather.

    I pulled a stupid one time while living there. I tried to skirt-past a big storm. It almost stepped on me. I thought my truck was going to tip over; 70+ mph winds; big limbs tearing out of trees and being thrown into cars. There was a tornado inside of that storm and I could have gotten hit by it. There was near-zero visibility. I copped a bit more respect for storms/tornadoes after that. Southerners imagine that they can stand up to anything. Down Texas way, that attribute didn't work-out so well for Davey Crockett (who was raised less than 20 miles from where I was raised).

    If a cluster of storms are in your area, you should also use a battery-operated radio to listen for tornado warnings.
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