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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good morning all,

    CHEKA's Felix Dzerzhinsky is blushing ! The NYC Mayor and NY Governor are better at this than he was.

    Article about tracing those believed infected in the NYC area and "will reach into neighboring states".

    Note the mention of empty hand sanitized bottle. There are methods used in other places that have filled bottles ready for use. This is concurrent with filling up the empty bottle. Perhaps Columbia University's disaster research institute can study this out of area innovation.

    Isn't a ticker tape parade good for the environment
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  2. varuna

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    Talking about filling up hand sanitizer, I've always carry this small spray that was originally use for fragrance. I originally use it as a more practical way compare to bring the rather heavy glass vial of fragrance (BVLGARI BLV)


    or if I need gel hand sanitizer, any of this small gel hand sanitizer is always in my pocket separated from any cash

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  3. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Varuna,

    Real good move; good preparedness re the spray bottle of hand sanitizer.

    I do the same but use similar size container with finger-pushed pump on top.

    Also in my pocket - most all shirts - all cargo vests - have "cargo"/large pockets - also carry plastic squeeze bottle of:

    - sun block

    - white petroleum in it's own long vertical axis squeeze tube

    - 6 cc of RX dental mouth wash

    - a chisel tip "pen" of WD-40 brand lubricant


    The brand names you're using are well known here.
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