Trapped In Vehicle During Rioting

Discussion in 'Urban Survival' started by Old Geezer, Jun 10, 2017.

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    What must one do if trapped in their vehicle during a riot?! Unfortunately, this is no rarity, especially in the USA. When the SHTF, such incidents will become common. At page bottom, I've gathered a half-dozen links or so.

    Does one go out expecting to run into chaos? Heavens no! But now you are in the middle of it; worse, you have family with you.

    In many states of the United States, handgun permits are "must issue". This means if you apply, pass background checks, have training, and pass a test, a weapons carry permit must be issued to you. Some states do not have this or the police chief or sheriff can simply refuse to issue permits based on his/her personal beliefs / whims.

    Defense with firearms is the best option were you to be surrounded in a non-movable vehicle; second, one can use their car as a battering ram. But what if you get trapped without a firearm? What if your car is in fixed position in a traffic jam or pileup? Some ideas have come to me when pondering this, however I'm more interested in what others have to say. I once was living in a in a city wherein somewhat minor rioting occurred and several families were trapped in their cars when rioters descended upon them, busted out their windows, and assaulted them. At that time and in that state, I had no carry permit (this was a squeaky clean non-violent place to live ... I thought). Short story, this assault could have happened to us = too close for comfort.

    Here are some links. Maybe one or two of these examples will generate one or two useful ideas.
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    It seems risky to stay inside a vehicle during rioting. You could be stoned or the vehicle set ablaze as is common in such situations. I would drive to the nearest parking space and try to mingle with the crowds as I calculate how to extricate myself from the situation.
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    When away from home I always have a firearm on my person or in the vehicle. Also as a practice I am constantly scanning for outs, and never in stopped traffic do you pull so close to the vehicle in front you that you don't have an out either left of right. If I find myself with a mob of rioters descending upon me, I will use firearm to warn or fight them off as I make my escape, do not leave your vehicle and you must be prepared to proceed forward regardless of who is blocking your path and get out of there as quickly as you can.
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