Trump Throws Fresh Fuel On Dangerous Qanon Conspiracy Theory

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    I do not have much faith in these supposed news sites but I have followed the Qanon theory for quite a long time in an effort to see what the possibility of it being truth was. I decided a year or so ago that it was not a viable possibility especially after the fiasco with Jeff Sessions among other things that never seemed to materialize. Qanon believers say that these articles are proof that it is genuine because these articles try so hard to demonize the theory. Of course Qanon followers say lots of things are "proofs" that are not necessarily so.

    Trump Throws Fresh Fuel on Dangerous QAnon Conspiracy Theory
    The president’s recent retweets have conspiracists in overdrive. “Best case is we’re up getting a medal at the White House,” one QAnon luminary gushed.

    Will Sommer
    Updated Jan. 02, 2020 3:20AM ET / Published Jan. 01, 2020 7:11PM ET
    Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast/Getty
    Donald Trump has used his Twitter account to blast his critics, pressure potential witnesses against him, and threaten to blow up North Korea. But for believers in the bizarre pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory, the president’s Twitter account serves a more crucial purpose, with his retweets of QAnon fans offering them badly-needed proof that their ludicrous conspiracy theory is real.

    QAnon believers are convinced that Trump is secretly at war with pedophile-cannibals in the Democratic Party, a theory so unhinged and potent that the FBI considers it a potential source of domestic terrorism. Two QAnon believers have been charged with murders that appear to be motivated by their beliefs in the conspiracy theory, including the slaying of a Mafia boss, while others have committed vandalism or even shut down a bridge with an armored truck. Believers in the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which has been incorporated into QAnon, fired shots and tried to burn down a Washington pizzeria.

    Multiple accounts that Trump retweeted this morning appear to have pushed the QAnon conspiracy theory.

    — Alex Kaplan (@AlKapDC) May 1, 2019
    Still, late last week, Trump or someone with access to his account retweeted a message of support containing the “WWG1WGA” hashtag, a reference to a QAnon motto. In total, Trump retweeted QAnon fans more than 20 times on the same day.

    Trump’s Twitter activity provided new fuel for QAnon fans, who are convinced, among other things, that Trump is on the verge of arresting and executing top Democrats at Guantanamo Bay. QAnon Twitter accounts and messages boards seized on Trump’s retweets as a tacit acknowledgment of their conspiracy theory’s validity, while the retweets also provided the QAnon promoters Trump boosted with access to tens of millions of new potential believers.

    “It draws more eyes,” Roy Davis—a QAnon promoter known to believers as “Captain Roy” and the co-author of an Amazon chart-topping book pushing the conspiracy theory—told The Daily Beast.

    Thread: Trump last night amplified nearly 20 accounts supporting QAnon & that have pushed QAnon content (some of these include accounts retweeted or quote tweeted multiple times), easily the most I've seen in one day so far. Below are images showing this.

    — Alex Kaplan (@AlKapDC) December 28, 2019
    It wasn’t the first time Trump pushed QAnon on his more than 68 million followers. In November, Media Matters counted more than 30 times that Trump had retweeted QAnon believers, a number that has only gone up since then.

    Nor was this the first time Trump or his campaign have referred to QAnon in ways that have been seen by the conspiracy theory’s believers as proof that it’s real. In July, Trump invited QAnon promoters and other social media figures to the White House for a “social media summit.” A warm-up speaker at a Trump rally used a QAnon slogan in a speech, and Trump’s campaign featured two QAnon believers in an ad, apparently accidentally.

    But QAnon believers, some of whom have alienated friends and family for their conspiracy theory, are especially desperate for validation from the president himself—or, saving that, from his Twitter account. That makes Trump’s retweets especially potent at further entrenching their beliefs.

    “They certainly also get encouraged by Trump repeatedly retweeting QAnon accounts,” Travis View, a podcaster who tracks QAnon’s reach, told The Daily Beast. “They claim that Trump would never retweet pro-Q accounts if there was nothing to Q.”

    It’s not clear how Trump decides which messages to retweet, and he could just be doing so without realizing the larger import of lending his endorsement to a conspiracy theory. The White House didn’t respond to a request for comment.

    But not everyone in Trumpworld is so quiet. On Monday night, Trump campaign official Jessie Jane Duff ripped into QAnon believers who were celebrating rapper and actor Ice-T’s apparently accidental use of a QAnon meme in a tweet.

    “I know we on the campaign don’t support Q and its all bizarre nonsense for ppl who need to believe something,” Duff tweeted. “Q is so absurd, why should the President acknowledge it when NO ONE cares? It isn’t a campaign issue. it isn’t an economic issue. It’s an issue for ppl who wish they were in the know based upon irrelevant or anonymous sources on irrelevant web sites.”
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    another disgusting bump
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    Has anyone here looked into the Qanon theories?
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    I believe in certain conspiratorial views of history but have not paid much attention to the Q phenomenon. I'm just not that interested.


    Not an Ishmaelite
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    So what if Leftists were proven to be pedophiles and queer and communists and turbo-controlling personality types and wish to confiscate hunting rifles (scoped rifles are considered sniper rifles by the Left, one Democrat congressman was trying to gather support, hasn't succeeded, they will) and inflation-lovers and whatever the sick else?!

    Don't we already know that stuff about the Left already. The MSM accepts raw perversion as normal. The MSM wants to Europeanize the USA. Why work? If they win, I'm signing up for some check. God knows that I'm crippled to hell and back. Let somebody else work so that I can watch TV and get drunk. I'll not be able to afford Scotch; guess I'll have to learn to like malt liquor just like the armies of welfare trash do.
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    The basic line of thinking of Qanon followers is that Q is a high level insider in the Trump administration and has stated that the military intelligence groups asked Trump to run for office after considering and discarding the plan of a coup during the Obama administration due to the high cost of American citizens lives after running this scenario through their massive systems. Instead they chose to approach DJT to run for office and the basic plan is to arrest thousands of those who are treasonous from the last administration and earlier administrations for high crimes and bring them to justice before a military tribunal court and hang them for treason starting with lower levels and working their way up to the top. IE Obama. Hillary and others. It is about much more than just pedos and traffickers.

    Now these Qanon followers are digging into information sources everywhere they can to find what they consider "crumbs " that lead to showing that Qanon is genuine and so is "The Plan" to bring down the cabal and hang them.

    They have looked into the numbers of unsealed indictments in the Federal court systems which by the way is a massive number compared to years in the past before DJT as well as documented a large scale buildup of the facilities in Gitmo and even documented thousands of resignations of political leaders in the US and the civilian sectors after DJT made his executive order im Dec 2017 to jail and confiscate properties of anyone found to have been guilty of corruption.

    The idea is that many of these resignations have taken place due to being given a choice by the administration to either step down or be hanged. Now for the last few years Q followers have been posting info about Epstein and all who have frequented his oasis among many other tidbits that all can be tied to a lot of these crimes and treasonous actors. Epstein is but one link that Q followers have point to but there are many others.

    At one point during the height of the Qanon conspiracy it was believed that there were over 4 to 12 million followers tracking this theory. That number has dwindled over the last 2 years but there are still many many out there who believe that "The Plan" is genuine and will come to fruition at some point in the near future... which by the way always seems like next week but never seems to come around.

    For two years Q and Q followers made statements Like "Trust Sessions" right up until Sessions bailed by way of DJT. Shortly thereafter Q sort of quit posting for a few months and has recently reapeared back on the scne and is posting cryptic posts that supposedly follow the "Socratic Method" of teaching and leading Q followers again by way of the crumbs he drops.

    Rumors abound such as John McCain didnt't die of natural causes but was taken to Gitmo and hanged to George Bush Senior was forced to kill himself to avoid the embarrassment of being hanged. Videos of things that happened at the funeral were posted on you tube and led people to believe that George Jr. and his brother Jeb were shown notes that scared them and that the Obamas, Clintons and others also received notes in their pamphlets at the funeral that made scary statements to them about their crimes and coming punishments. It seems the whole thing just keeps on and on and is never ending with no actual punishments ever being handed down.

    The Clinton's and Obama's are still gallivanting all over the world on our money and certainly don't seem real concerned about a waterboard at Gtmo. The recent opening of the FISA crimes and investigations have been an ongoing conspiracy that is closely being followed by Q fans in the hopes that arrests are imminent.

    Still no arrests. No hangings, no Gitmo detainees that I have seen.
    Trust Sessions, Trust the Plan WWGG1WGA (Where We Go One, We Go All) Yeah right.

    Would I love for it to come true? Hell Yes. Do I think it will? Hell No.

    Do I think Donald Trump is smart enough to help fire up these followers with a tweet here and there to better his chances of re-election?
    Hell Yes!
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    I'm pretty sure Brad Parscale knows how to make good use of Qanon followers.
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