Two Ingredient Bug Repellent

Discussion in 'Other DIY' started by cyclistbabe, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. cyclistbabe

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    • 1/2 teaspoon vegetable glycerine
    • 14 oz Vodka (or witch hazel
    • (optional) an essential oil like lavender, mint, etc for pleasant smell. around 35-40 drops should do depending on preference!

    combine in a 16 oz spray bottle and swirl until mixed!

    I made this and have used it for the last few weeks as the bugs have gotten worse.. it works wonders! You just have to reapply it some more than normal bug spray, but the lack of a chemical smell is so refreshing.
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  2. joshposh

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    You can also try raw garlic. Just dice it up and eat it raw. Most creepy crawlies don't like the smell as it is unbearable to them. Garlic doesn't cost that much and I like to eat.
  3. filmjunkie08

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    I know that eating garlic is good for keeping fleas away. But here in North Texas we have another pest: mosquitoes. People who sit out at night burn citronella candles, but I can not wear a citronella candle. Mosquitoes here have been known to cause problem skin irritations such as cellulitis. I would be interested in hearing what others have found effective.
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