U.n. Held An Emergency Meeting Because Of North Korea's Missile Launch

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    Three or four days ago, United Nations Security Council held and emergency meeting because of the successful launch of ballistic missile from Pyongyang, North Korea. In the meeting, it has been said by the US Ambassador Haley that "the world has become a dangerous place."
    Although North Korea is flexing its military capabilities, UN is still seeking to avoid the path of conflict against the country and would be open for negotiations.
    North Korea has been launching ICBMs even back then and some of these alarmed countries since the trajectories were near some of the zones of countries.
    What do you think will come out of this issue? Will the heat arise and further actions would just provoke North Korea? I'm afraid that it might likely arise to conflict.
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    To be honest, this Kim Jong Un of North Korea is making me nervous. He is young despot who looks crazy. Pardon me if you are a Korean, no offense meant to Koreans. My point is the rockets that fly the missiles. I think they are testing nuclear rockets already as a bullying tactics to the South Koreans. What if the US would start bombing North Korea? Perhaps it will last only in a day and tomorrow we will have peace. but that is not the case because China is a friend of North Korea. Oh well, the only thing we can do now is to wait and see.... and pray that a world war will not break out.
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