Ultimate survival retreat near Charleston, West Virginia FOR SALE!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Mark Edwards, Jan 28, 2016.

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  1. Mark Edwards

    Mark Edwards Active Member

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    Are you looking for the Ultimate Survival Retreat?
    Located exactly one hour (50 miles) north east of Charleston, WV this property was purchased as a retreat and event venue.
    The site has 88 deeded acres, with 111 actual by the newstandards
    FREE NATURAL GAS from an on-site natural gas well. That's right. Free gas. Let me say that again. Free gas.
    FREE WATER from a NEW WELL and a naturanlly fed cistern.
    A 4000sqft+ three story house that has hardwood floors, forced air and passive gas heat, with some very unique architecture. This house was a labor of love, but health issues for the both of us is forcing us to sell and move to a city. The house needs finishing, but the some of the major projects are all done for you, so that you can finish the bathroom and kitchen the way you want to. They are there, just not seriously modern.
    The property also includes a beautiful performance stage, a green room cabin that is wired and is 32x9, and camping areas that were all developed at a cost of about $90K.
    A permanent herd of blackberry-fed deer walks by your window every morning, and the bonfires that you can have in the giant fire pit up at the stage playa will be remembered for years to come.
    Originally, we wanted to make a profit on our investment, but with our health issues we have decided to just barely break even, and ask $250K, instead of the $349K that our real estate agent said we should start at.
    Interested? Feel free to reach me at AlderwoodMark@yahoo.com
  2. judyd1

    judyd1 New Member

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    Your place sounds beautiful! I think you did a wonderful job describing it in words, but I was wondering if it might be possible to post some pictures of the various features? Even cell phone pictures uploaded to Facebook or directly to your computer would be easy to post (upload a File--middle button below).

    Unless you've already sold your property, that is. I can imagine it would go pretty fast., and it looks like your post is already 5 months old.
  3. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    Sadly by advertising it it is no longer ultimate! it is a target!
  4. judyd1

    judyd1 New Member

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    I think you mean it is still for sale? If so, you might consider posting some pictures if it is okay with the moderators of the forum.

    Once people can see how nice the property is, they really start thinking about living there, in the house, on the property, and can motivate someone to go ahead and purchase the property. You probably have it for sale on a few other sites, too. That will help. Try to save the money that a realtor would charge if you can. But if it hasn't sold after 6 months or so, you might want to get an agent to help you actively advertise.
  5. richj8am30

    richj8am30 Member

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    I dislike VA, but to experience this house I would move back. I would like to know how it is that you managed to get access to the on site natural gas and water. It sounds too good to be true in some respects but I always thought such an arrangement was possible. What would I have to do if I was building my own estate but wanted to have free access to some of the same amenities ?
  6. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    W.Va. The poorest State in the union.
    Also the most beautiful.
    My father was from W.Va., mother from a few miles from there in Pa.
    Many relations in W.Va.
    The capitol has the 3rd worlds largest gold dome.
    I've been in the State Capitol house and it's flat out grand.
    Magnificent really.
    If anyone lives within driving distance I recommend a tour of the State house.
    Grand, simply grand.
    I've spent some time in West (by God) Virginia hunting and fishing.
    "Wild and Wonderful" it is.

    I'm retired with a comfortable income and should sell my Ohio home on 15 acres and get a decent
    profit and move to W.Va.
    I hunt, fish, garden,............perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!

    Friends live near Dill, W.Va. ( it used to be called bumbtown. I have no idea why.)


    People call that area little Switzerland. Beautiful, deer, and grouse and fishing.

    General Chuck Yeager is a W.Va. fellow. An american hero.


    The first pilot to officially break the sound barrier and a WWII fighter pilot ace.
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  7. GS AutoTech

    GS AutoTech Expert Member

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    We vacation in W.Va, we absolutely love it. Our vaca spot is in Pocahontas county. Mountains, rivers, trails, hunting, fishing. It's all there. Largest county with lowest population. If SHTF, I'd sure like to be there.
  8. kilo4okc

    kilo4okc Expert Member

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    Did this place ever sell?
  9. Ystranc

    Ystranc Master Survivalist

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    I'm only questioning the wisdom of the idea of an event venue combined with a bug out retreat..it sounds like an awesome project but also one that needs a clearer purpose.
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