Using Helmet Cams, & Hidden Body Cameras, To Prove Self Defence, When Someone Is Seriously Injured.

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    Using helmet cams & hidden body cameras with mics, to prove self defence, when someone is seriously injured or dead. Some talk about P.T.S.D. later on.

    Seen a video recently, of a home being broken into, to get at people in there. The man was kicking the door in, and making threats. It was a porch camera, with audio shown on TV. No charges were filed, against the person (shooter), who shot the assailant. Perfectly clear, to see what was going on.

    Seems to be, when you have proof, like video and audio footage of lethal, or serious self defence taking place. Things go, much smother, for the person, defending themselves. Especially when the press shows, what happened to.

    Even with just regular self defence, without any extreme violence taking place. It would be nice to have proof, of what actually happened. So you do not get a criminal record. The press, never shows people, in that situation, of common every day, self defence situations. This is a more likely occurrence. You still do not want to, end up with a criminal record.

    If you can, and all you got is a cell phone. Turning on the audio recorder, if nothing else, can make all the difference, in the world afterwards, for you, or a loved one, on defending themselves against the criminal justice system. May as well carry your lawyers phone number, in the holster to, along with a reminder, from your lawyer. About what to say and not say. How to properly phrase responses, as to not get charged, with a serious crime, right away, for sure. You will be arrested anyway out of hand. Someone is dead or seriously injured.

    From what I have heard with lawyers talking online. Merely phrasing something wrong, in response, to a law enforcement officers question(s). Is enough, to almost assure, you not just a serious criminal charge, but a almost certain serious criminal conviction.

    Be especially weary, of law enforcement, repeatedly asking questions, to try to get you to answer differently, or of a judge, asking a prosecutor to ask, "clarifying" question(s). That law enforcement person, is trying to get you, to answer in a way, to charge you, or convict you, if a judge.

    Some examples

    Some people have gun cams on there pistol for example. So you pull your pistol, it starts recording. The problem is. That is a bit late, to prove, what lead you, up to that point. So if you draw early. That might be considered threaten behaviour, and you might be committing, a serious crime, depending where you are. You need to point your weapon, at that person, to see them on video. A gun cam though is always with you. You always have it. Once you do pull your gun and try to get them to stop. If you got the time. You can keep indicating to that person or persons you believe you are in a self defence situation. Still much better than nothing, in that one situation. Basically if you carry, you want a body cam with mic. Maybe two, concealed on you.

    You do not want to rely on a expensive lawyer, to keep you free. Or to have less time to do.

    Interesting video.

    What would have happened to this MMA fighter type person, if two had attacked him? I got better to do, than practice, for hours, every day, MMA fighting skills.

    1:50 into video, you can see how criminal gets passive, after attacking man. That criminal, who would have, probably seriously hurt him, if given a chance, for fun, or whatever. To rob (violent mugging), but wants to pretend, it is not a mugging. Lesser charge. The person attacked, has to worry about being charged, if he goes, 1 molecule to far, in self-defence. The criminal does not care. He gets to be in lockup, jail, or prison, and be treated like, one of the gang members in "60 days in" TV show. Still attacking people, and threatening people. Still doing drugs.

    In some places. If you get martial arts training, and get to a certain belt level, or maybe, have any training, what so ever in any fighting. You are then considered, a weapon by the courts. You can expect to be charged more easily. What would have have happened, if there was no video, or no witnesses? Both might have been charged. Much martial arts training is useless, in real life. In real life, fighting can be terrifying to. You may think, you are qualified to protect yourself. Appear so, on paper. That may have no basis, in reality. Martial arts, can be not good enough, for you personally, to defend yourself, or too deadly dangerous, serious, to fast.

    Will talk about meditation now several posts below. Makes sense as a western to me now.

    You only have to make a mistake once, with violent criminals. Criminal(s), may be a better, more experienced fighter than you, in real life. You only have to make one mistake, in what you do, to get charged, with a crime. None of this gets taken into consideration, by law enforce, or the courts. In real life, fighting can be terrifying to. In real life, when that criminal(s) want to do a crime. They then may have very effective weapons, like a sword or pipe, etc. For that one hour only. Then they dump it somewhere. Maybe to use again.

    You may think, you are qualified to protect yourself. Appear so, on paper. That may have no basis, in reality. You only have to make a mistake once, with violent criminals. Criminal, may be a better, more experience fighter that you, in real life. You only have to make one mistake, in what you do, to get charged, with a crime. None of this gets taken into consideration, by law enforce, or the courts.

    You better watch shows like "60 day in" and other to see what they are like on the outside now to. Remember, told right away, they will be charged, when going in, if they do anything, they can be charged with. Put in with people, like this person above, whom choose to be, career criminals. He is also practising what he learned inside jail, intimidation and fighting. That camera, also keeps the criminal safe. More and more of these types will come around. Then they get away with, doing more and more, as they are pampered, by the criminal justice system. Right there locally.

    Basically beat you, and afterwards, steal your wallet. Simply do not say "hand over your money" at first, and it is a much less charge, for a serious junkies criminal.

    Desperate for drugs, so attacked still. A junkie.

    There are less lethal options, like various pepper sprays. If you even can possess them. In Canada, you can not. That is because, there are so many criminals around, who would use that, to commit crimes. My opinion anyway. Especially drug addict, and junkie types. They even get into knife fights, among themselves sometimes.

    Even if you have no weapon what so ever. Having footage with audio, is a good idea, to prove self defence. Instead of a criminal record. Which is what that police officers, wants you to have. Well, all in the criminal justice system, want you to have a criminal record. Especially if you are poor. Once charged, you are almost guaranteed a conviction. 98% conviction rate in the US.

    In real life. Dealing with more than one attacker means, you have to dish out, serious levels of violence right away, fast, to stop them. Like with a gun, or other weapon, or in the martial arts, you use. That is the way it is. The courts will not take that into consideration. You should not even had to mention this. The courts should have to say this. The judge should have to. This and other things right at the beginning of various trails. Depending on what the trial is about. Should be common knowledge. No lawyer should be needed at all.

    It is directly, because of the criminal justice system, that this person, is on the streets.

    You never want to be on the ground, in a street fight. Unless you have to, never get on the ground. Get you back to a wall, or something. That person who picked up the cell phone, could have done a lot more, if that person, had gotten involved right then, in the fight, and from behind.

    The police will ask you "how come you did not run away"? You can say because your back was to a wall. You could say a lot more. They will get worst at you, if you run away, and more will get involved, wanting to fight you. Just like in these lockup, jail, and prison shows. They same people outside, or the same people as leadership, in gangs. That come from these jails, and are now outside.

    He talks about the criminal displaying himself. That is the "sex and violence" used, more and more openly, in gangs now, and there are, more and more of those types openly, in organized crime gangs now, right were you live. The gang is trying to expand locally there. More territory. Your local "Breaking Bad" in real life, right where you live.

    Women are involved in these gangs, both directly and indirectly. Right where you live. In groups that deal with children and victims. School teachers, day care staff, pretend grandmas and grandpas outside. In the malls. Law enforcement, judged, psychologists, press. Etc.

    Once people have expensive drug habits, to pay for, they are dangerous to be around. Expensive to them, depending on there income level. They may just decide, even if they can afford there drug habit. That they want to still sell drugs. Even a expensive weed habit is enough. There are lots of psychopaths in society, with no respect for peoples lives.

    To be completely fair. Using someone with drug addiction issues and psychopathic tendencies, is a effective means, to ensure lots of criminal activities take place. Then the people in the criminal justice system, have not just job security, but career security. I can kind of understand, what it must be like, for a drug addict, or junkie. Like if you overeat, or are a smoker. Except even worst, I guess.
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    Blog Posts:
    From another post. Response.

    Speaking of litigious. Many prepper type experts, teach people, to act extremely threatening, towards others. If you are really scared, of others. Like a gang, and other opportunist predators, while travelling home, or to get your family, or whatever. You should use avoidance whenever possible. Instead of being tactical and acting like, a opportunist predator yourself, as taught (pointing guns at others). Some of them, are former law enforcement to, teaching this.

    Many like myself, have no real experience, in that type of situations. You point a gun at someone, for legit legal reasons only. People like law enforcement, have a legal right, same with others to "stop the threat". If you are trying to get home, and get into a gun fight, or fights. Odds are, you will not survive. They teach people, to be lone wolfs. Or worst yet, a lone wolf, with his family alone. Easier pickings. All special interest groups, are taught to band together, while we are taught, to in-fight, each other, be alone and isolated, etc. Easy pickings physically, and in life.

    Many of these peoples, simply teach, what they were taught. The mindset, if nothing else. I was that way, in my thinking processes myself, for decades. Frankly, I would not want to be around most people, in any really scary situations. Depending on how they act, and do, especially do. When strangers, and not well known to me personally. Many people, who can, but do nothing, when thing start getting bad. Are indicating, they will become opportunist predators. Some will not harm anyone. Anyway you are airborne now.

    Some confusion, seems to be deeply ingrained, in the survivalist movement. Wilderness survival, in itself, is not a military situation. You could be in the military, in a escape, and evasion situation. Most of us, will never be in that. It is two different things. With two different mindsets. Civilian and military. In a real breakdown, you could end up in violent situations. It happens to many people every day, violence. So hidden cams and mics, it is. Also, on the other side, people are being taught, and were even more so taught, to ridicule us, in the press, and on TV, and in movies. Not so much today, as it was, at one time. Part of that, was politics, about guns (self sufficiency in personal safety). People who are taught to be loners and have a personal safety mindset, being mislead . Well think seriously, about personal safety, but mislead. Was made political, by politicians.

    Only use your tactical skill, when the situation, warrants it. Jason Borne it, out of there. If you can. You are not law enforcement, or the military. That is the governments failure. Not yours. They want to be able to blame you. Right there locally. Call and treat you, as a criminal.

    What does the government want right now? Various gov departments want? Ultimately, budget increases, and not budget cutbacks, for not just career security, but more, just more. So other gov department have less. Otherwise that gov department, would want even more. They want you to trust them, to think they are the good guys, and gals. So they need more justification, for budget increases, and more police state powers. They use there power, to get, even bigger budget increases, and even more police state powers. So they need criminals, and even more criminals. They want to put away, those whom are not really a serious threat, to themselves, in regards to physical violence. So they blow, all out of proportions, people who smoke pot, for example, are crazies, and violent, and such. Some violence criminals, and violent career criminals, do smoke pot. Confusion used against us. I see and smell this, every day.

    In any slow deliberate breakdown or otherwise, they want to focus, on the violence, and such. (Stirs us up, fear for others, all fear, but different reactions.) Not ask why, this even happened? Where was law enforcement? Why were those brutal crimes, to people, and peoples property, allowed to happen? So the average person, whom is not like me, or you, wants more of big government. To protect us. But they harm us, and on purpose. For there own career security, and easy lives, and easy pensions. What happens then, if you defend yourself, or others. They want to charge you, and throw you into prison. They want you, to go to prison. Just watch TV. They are all crazy wilderness survival freaks, going around, pointing there guns at people. This one even shot someone. While we where hiding, from the criminals, so they could do, all they did, to you and yours. Even if it was just, you living in fear.

    Your government, wants you, living in fear. Preppers, do not want to live in fear, or anyone else. Preppers inherently want, to be proactive personally, in some way, personally. All else is mostly useless, as preppers have learned. Always gets worst again, at best, etc. Low priority for the government. Your families safety.
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    Now meditation, makes sense to me personally. Cooling down your emotions, relaxing. I think of it now. Level headedness, or not overreacting, and becoming too violent, or violent, at all. Especially for young people. Can have other uses, I guess, not related to martial arts. Learning to control your emotions, and hence, emotional state. Inner peace, calmness. With a very potentially, dangerous person. In traditional eastern mediation. It's one person alone meditating.

    In the military. They might want to do it differently. Together talking about, what pisses them off, in groups. With people, whom understand, what they are talking about. All the time to, like with meditation. So practice fighting as usual. Meditation afterwards, to learn, to better control, there extreme emotions states (extreme emotional roller coaster rides). Then just as often, discussions, about what pisses them off, to vent verbally (about venting, no criticizing basically). More of a socially stable person, after being in the military. As long as the military, does not expect, even more from them. Then when they crack then, it will be even worst. Nothings perfect. Well after being in combat to. Just being in a combat zone to.

    PTSD. Start preventing that, before it becomes, such a huge issue.

    Ultimately about, burning off stress, relaxing. Whatever takes. Hopefully not booze and drugs. Fun to party. Don't want booze and drugs, to become a crutch, for extreme emotions. Don't really know. Somewhat know.
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    Needs to be stated every time. The purpose of meditation, is to help you, learn how to control your emotions. The purpose of venting you frustrations, by verbalizing them, is to vent your frustrations, by verbalizing them. Not to criticize others.
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