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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Appreciated reading the slang term "a truck roll". These are my kind of folks with the literary features added to an otherwise techie article.

    Here, Dominion Energy has buried our wires in this rural area. Typically enough, these types of projects go first to the max cluster of customers. The project did require each landowner customer to send in a notarized document allowing the Dominion contractor(s) to do the work. We were first because someone got the local customers to get off their insulated tuffets and get the provided form signed and notarized. That person also provided sources for a no-cost notary.

    Note the type and wind rate for the new Florida poles.

    I take note and appreciated reading mention of PG&E. In the lamestream media they are presented as the cause of problems. The cause of the problems is the state government at Sacramento.

    Article has a left bar and below section with some interesting material.

    Will check later; now I;m proposing that California's elected officials join in the project to bury the power lines.

    I found this a real good article.
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    Thank you for sharing!
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