Vacuum Seal Those Empty #10 Cans!!!

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    Please visit my website at for a broader understanding of the solutions offered.

    My product is called That Seals It! and is a system for turning those empty #10 cans into a vacuum storage containers. ThatSealsIt-2.jpg

    The system consists of a lid made of poly-carbonate plastic with engineered reinforcing ribs for rigidity, seals, a hose assembly and coupler.

    The basic operation is to place the lid on the can, connect the hose to the can and to the accessory port of a Foodsaver-like device (or a manual pump, which I also sell) and press go!

    You are only limited by what will or won't fit in the can!

    I also sell This Sucks!, a manually operated pump with a short hose assembly and coupler. This is perfect for emergency situations when the power is out. The pump is dual-chambered, so it moves a large volume of air with each stroke. This setup works really well with those zippered vacuum bags.
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