Volcanic Winter

Discussion in 'The Apocalypse' started by BigZirp, Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. TexDanm

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    Back to the volcanic winter, global warming, iceage, ozone layer with holes and a failing magnetosphere, solar flare, nuclear war, asteroid impact infested place.

    Honestly if we want to survive as a species we need to get the heck OFF this planet. no matter what we do it is just a matter of time WHEN not IF we are going to get wiped out. we are capable now of moving off. It would take a while to firm up the hardware and technology but we could be an interplanetary species in fifty years. We could live IN the moon and even In the larger asteroids and Mars. The mineral wealth out there would make the world rich again. It costs a fortune to get something out of this gravity well but sending things back would be simple. Solar power send down from huge mirrors in space would be almost like free power.

    What the world lacks now is new horizons where our adventurers can go. The people that made the best explorers don't make the best quiet citizens. People will adapt and we could move out into the endless areas that are the outer reaches of our solar system where there seem to be some huge planet sized masses.

    If we stay here fighting with each-other we WILL eventually be wiped out by something Ice-ages are regular occurrences. If you thing global warming sucks think about living on ice that is 2 miles thick. We WILL get hit by something big enough to be an extinction level event. The super volcanoes WILL eventually blow sky high.

    We don't have to do it to ourselves. Mother Earth is a mean bitch that will kill us all unless we get off and stop having all our eggs in one basket.
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  2. lonewolf

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    a blogger some years ago did a piece on myself and another prepper, very spitefully he managed to find out where we lived and other things mainly from our IP addresses and our posts, nearly everything he assumed and wrote about me was wrong!! as our American friends say "never assume a goddam thing"!!
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  3. watcherchris

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    Not an Ishmaelite
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  4. TMT Tactical

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    Wow, a whole lot got touched on this thread. To me, this is my concepts.

    1) Global warming / Ice Age not what I can or will prep for. I do not see it happening in my or even in my great, great, grandchildren's life time. So off the list.

    2) Technology I do enjoy technology that brings knowledge and/ or advancements / advantages -- Computers /internet, night vision / thermal imaging, solar energy, etc. I do not jump for joy about the latest video game players, or a digital assistants, had enough problems with my live ones.

    3) Solitude / isolation /boredom-- If the EMP hits, I will relocate tot he nearest library, all the information and entertainment in the world, at my page flipping finger tips.
  5. F22 Simpilot

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    I have an interest in the spy craft and what not and have read many books on it, and still do. Once upon a time I wanted to be a field agent for the CIA.

    The CIA is charged by Congress not to operate domestically. Unless you're a conspiracy nut, you may think otherwise. Who is responsible to operate domestically are many Intel agencies up to and including the most known that get mentioned in the media all the time: the FBI and the NSA. Just to note here, the United States has 17 known Intel agencies. Everything from satellite intelligence to map making in times of war, etc. Speaking of satellites. The Navy operates a constellation of Sats that can pick up radio transmissions on the ground. Well, the NSA uses these. It was how they listened to Bin Ladden and Saddam Hussein. With Osama he eventually went with human couriers. Which made it that much more harder to find him. Check out the movie Zero Dark Thirty for some interesting facts on how the CIA found him and what they thought of on how to get him. Up to and including pulling DNA from the shit pipe.

    Yes, cordless phones used with a landline are not secure for the most part. If you have a cordless phone then you want one that is at least DECT 6.0 that uses real encryption. A lot of the DECT 6.0 phones don't use encryption at all and you can use a HackerRF SDR and decode them. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum DSSS is good too, but I have read that the pseudonumber generator (PN code) is the same for all phones. Beware of marketing trickery. The phone may say some crap like "digital spread spectrum" but it's really some FHSS ( Frequency hop Spread Spectrum). Not secure at all. I have also ran across phones that used so-called voice scrambling. Well, all that is, is voice inversion and is easily bypassed with a small computer program. You just run the inverted audio though the computer and the program will uninvert the audio. By far one of the best cordless phones you can get is an Engenius cordless phone. They use TDMA modulation which is much like a cell phone and have great range as well. Of course, like many things, if the Feds are on your ass that means nothing. Especially with a virtual limited budget all paid for by Joe tax payer.

    The laser listening device is in fact very old technology. And you can build one from plans found on the Internet. Back in the 90's I saw plans you could order though the mail on the back of electronic and technology magazines. My friend and I were going to build one, but I put it on the back burner. The technology could have been invented during the Cold War when a lot of amazing spy tech was being developed. In fact, the NSA at Fort Mead Maryland has their building's glass specifically made to prevent laser listening devices from being used. That and the whole damn building is insulated from electronic emission. Mostly to thwart side channel attacks. What's a side channel attack? Well, for one, when you type on a keyboard, any keyboard it emanates certain frequencies based on the key you press. Pick this up and you can see what that person is typing. Never mind wireless keyboards that mostly use basic XOR encryption that can be broken.

    Oh! laser listening devices don't need a computer to function. It's just a small electronic device that processes the reflected laser vibrations.

    The "smartphone" is one of the biggest spy devices and marketer's wet dream come true. Better off with a dumb phone.

    There are many, many facets to all this. And depending on your level of needed security and privacy you would have to take certain steps, and with those steps you'll soon discover your life sucks and you can't live a normal life anymore.

    It's a brave new world out there. At least it better be. - Enemy Of The State 1998.
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  6. F22 Simpilot

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    I personally think the world's super volcanoes are God's little reset buttons. There is one in Italy I believe that may go off sooner rather than latter.
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  7. Oldguy

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    There are quite a few LARGE volcanos that have erupted in recent history getting ready to blow there tops again!

    Toba, Krakatoa, Tambora all in Indonesia
    Yellowstone in USA
    Laki in Iceland

    All are showing signs!

    These alone will screw ones year or two.
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  8. watcherchris

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    F22 Simpilot,

    This is one of those statements made specifically for public consumption. For I know that anyone with the bucks and knowledge can engage in spying and have every confidence that even people specifically recruited or trained in your local cable television company are in on it. In many areas the Cable Television companies also run the computer networks and the wired land lines. This should be a big big clue.

    I know a person who works for a local telephone system...and he told me that all the monitoring systems are built into the phone systems..from the federal to local levels...

    Even medium to large companies can have monitoring equipment wherein they can dial any of the extensions in their company phones and monitor them...from a central location. He told me he has installed these systems in the head offices of these companies on request. This is local...what must the feds be able to do...???

    This system is designed for us to feel so safe behind our remote controllers and steering wheels...but we have not a clue that they are now able to monitor us in our vehicles by way of such systems as NorthStar or our own personal cell phones.

    I have no intention of buying a phone with which I cannot remove the battery at my discretion. I have no use for these rigs where the battery cannot be removed.

    They are putting just such monitoring and GPS systems into Ham radios today as well...particularly walkie talkies.

    You want to be careful about what business you do on both chorded and cordless phones....particularly chordless phones.

    Quite correct here..

    And if I am understanding correctly more of this monitoring technology is being put into our stoves,...refrigerators , washing machines and or other appliances.

    Wondering if someone is going to come out with various underground publications teaching people willing to pay and know...how to bypass and or jam/ intefere with this type of monitoring equipment.

    Sort of like there was a publication years ago called "Secret CB" which explained how to modify CB radios to perform better and or bypass many of the limiting devices built into them. Also how to modify the phase lock loops chips to go where they were not originally designed to go. I wound up with a AM/SSB rig with some 125 or so channels.

    Of course this is academic today as I have the CB bands on my Ham radios...but it was new and interesting back then.

    Correct ..the laser technology is not new for monitoring and turning the vibration into audio.

    I have interactions with a trade using lasers to do what is called Photogrammetry.

    They use laser measurements to know how big a compartment is on a ship..how big a pump is..and thus how many pumps can fit into a certain compartment.

    They know how big is a particular airplane and also how big is a certain hanger bay on an Aircraft carrier.. Thus how many such airplanes can fit in this hanger bay..also the support equipment....etc etc et al.

    lasers can do interesting things...including precise measuring a liner or spacer sizes on a piece of equipment foundation.


    The idea of someone teaching others how to short circuit such monitoring gear is fascinating to me....even if it is underground information.

    Knowing of certain underground information/knowledge and looking at the bigger picture taught me the mosaic of how deep this goes in government needing to deceive and "Herd " the American people....socially and thus politically...even and especially if it means keeping the American people dumb...dumed down.

    It also was my first hint at how insecure a government can be...how distrusting of it's own people and nation.

    What the olde timers taught me is that the enemy of the Russian government was the Russian People....and they needed an enemy/America to herd their people properly ..to keep and maintain their power and control over a nation.

    The Enemy of the American government is the American people and they needed an enemy/Russia to properly "Herd" the American people to keep and maintain theor power and control.

    The problem came for this government when people who had gone to Russia came home and began to describe how Un Super Power Russia really was....how few consumer goods were available in Russia...including fruit in the stores..unavailable most of the year.

    People began to have public meetings in steak houses and speak up. The false facade could no longer be maintained...the word was getting out.

    This is the real reason America could not go to the 1980 Olympics in Russia...not the Afghanistan excuses..but America could not have 5000 plus American tourists running around Soviet Russia seeing how empty the stores were...how many consumer goods and services were not available back then...how un Super Power Russia really was.

    And our CIA and other Alphabet agencies were in on the hoax....and still are today.

    I laughed myself silly when the phony leftists came out with this Election Russian Collusion story. They are still preying on American Fears of the Russians.
    They are still counting on Americans being that stupid and they may be correct.

    I have known this about the phony Russians and phony American Leadership...and phony MSM and Public Education since back in the early 1980s...that the liars and phonies are here in America...not Moscow.

    We have more Communists and Socialists...here in our colleges and public schools than ever in a Soviet Moscow wet dream....and still do today.

    I also think that the same olde Deep State puppet masters have switched Soviet Communism with Radical Islam as a fear tactic on the American people...but it is the same olde scam.

    I also think that Germany , France, and the UK are hip deep in this same scam...using radical Islam and immigration to herd their people further and faster than ever with Communism.

    The plan in all these nations is to force the native people to take second third and fourth place in their own nation while paying and taking first place risks for their monies ...to put these immigrants on the public breast so that they can outvote the native people...and thus power and control can be maintained globally....on the same tune/song...in perpetuity.

    This too is the plan here for America...and why they do not want the wall.....for someone needs to tamp the votes here in America so as to be able to outvote the American People...in favor of the deep state masters and to whom they really serve.
    Not the American People.

    What happened with Trump was a very severe warning flag to the deep state...and all the Alphabet Agencies...serving non American Masters..international masters.

    And spycraft is an important means of monitoring and controlling/herding the American People who cannot be trusted with the affairs of their nation...or their private business.

    My Non Ishmaelite .02,

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  9. TexDanm

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    I have a friend that was a part of a group that tried to help the Russians get their economy working after the wall went down. He hosted several here in the US and then made several trips over there. He said that when they came here they came almost empty handed then went back with bags stuffed with jeans and aspirin. EVERYTHING is in short supply there. When he went there he carried things then came home without anything but small valuable things.

    The problem is that in the past when it came time say to harvest the potato crops they would just close a college or factory and send the people to harvest. That was the way that they got everything done and it was massively inefficient. As bad as it was though it did get some of the crops in before they rotted in the ground. With the end of that sort of government control the crops not only didn't get harvested, they didn't even get planted! They have no infrastructure to control and regulate things. that was totally handled in the past by government edict.

    They still are having a hard time. Our infrastructure grew from a small thing into the massively complicated form that it now has. Nobody can figure out a shortcut to start from nothing and build a full grown system. We don't see our system. It all just sort of happens. The path from a dirt field to the store shelves is an incredibly complex system. It is a lot like a juggler juggling a half dozen flaming torches. For him it is a nearly thoughtless task.

    I'm afraid that if we can't help the Russians get their system up and running at least to the point where people are fed and clothed that in the end they will return to what they know. democracy is a new toy but the various forms of dictatorships are old tried and true forms of government. There is no and never has been a communist government anywhere. The places that talked like they were all were dictatorships run by and aristocracy.
  10. watcherchris

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    Yeah...I knew about the jeans. You could get mugged in the olde days in the Soviet Parks for the Levi's you were wearing..even olde faded Levi's with holes in them. Levi's were in high demand....any western jeans.

    The Economics Professor who taught me....stated that when he went to Russia before the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.....there were very few consumer goods in the store. What you saw mostly was empty shelves and this was confirmed when the wall came down and reporters ran into Russian Stores to see empty shelves.

    This Economics professor lectured around the country on the empty shelves in the Soviet Russian stores long before the wall came down. He would teach that America would not be coming to the Olympics and have some 5000 plus American tourists see this in Soviet Russia....empty shelves...how un super power Russia really was.

    The auto dealership was a kiosk...where you saw a photo of the car you were going to buy. You did not see or test drive the vehicle...but made your decision based on a photo.

    Economics is and can be complex decisions..or series of decisions. There is no way a commissar can make every economic decision in any business and keep the business at a profit. Whenever a politicians messes with an economic system too much it begins to collapse...over regulation and over taxation.

    A smart person who knows...can get an economic system going by staying out of it and freeing up the players to do what they do best. Not only in manufacturing but in transportation of goods and services throughout the economic system to facilitate business. Usually this means staying out of it...and or reducing regulations and controls...and production will rapidly increase.
    I believe Trump and Company know this very well and or have had good teachers.

    This is the very opposite or 180 degrees of which the Leftists/Progressives intend.
    This idiot Ocasio Cortez is already speaking of the 70% tax on rich people. All that happens is what happened in France....people with money moved themselves and their money out of France in the last 5 years.
    Once again you have to be educated in government to become so stupid......but there are plenty of them out there.

    What to you think is going to happen when enough rich people leave the country for places with better tax structures?
    To whom do you think the leftists/progressives will go for tax monies when they learn they have driven out rich people from this country as the Intelligentsia did in France...in the last 5 years. These idiots will turn on the middle class....and continue to squeeze them ...again.

    As I keep saying ...you gotta go to school to become so naturally stupid ...then need a pliable MSM to run cover for you.

    There are not many shortcuts in building such an system and starting from nothing. You have to develop every step in the process....right down to the staples and paper clips used in keeping track of and records of the process.

    Agree Texdanm....the average American has no idea how goods and services arrive on the shelves....they just sort of show up by magic...and they buy the stuff....

    They have not a clue...behind their remote controllers and steering wheels...behind their television and movie educations.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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  11. watcherchris

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    About this by me from my previous post...

    Now what came of this awareness is the concept and or understanding that the that the same people or groups were highly organized and were working to control and manage both Soviet Russia and the United States to achieve the same result with these same people or groups determining who made out the best...via their decision/decisions.

    The awareness that there was someone or some groups out there bigger than the United States government ...bigger than the Soviet Government....even stronger than both and possibly even untouchable....by both.

    But to the public ...these two nations....Soviet Russia and the United States must be seen to be at odds with each other.
    This while privily ..in secret...these groups or people determined how it really went or happened with each nation.

    Over the long run....Russia had to be helped to move forward...and the United States had to be constantly held back from going forward....and thus give Soviet Russia time to catch up and thus appear as a Super Power.

    I believe that someone is today Grooming China to replace Russia as needed...against the United States....

    And Furthermore.... I also believe that someone is working very very hard to keep Putin and Trump from getting together and comparing notes....

    Someone does not want Trump and Putin....the United States and Russia to become economic, social, and political allies.....and turn on their main profitable investment of these secret someone's......China.

    Someone is still privily working the good cop/bad cop scheme on the people of the United States.....and keeping us in the dark as to the real situation going on out here.

    This Good Cop/Bad Cop routine is sometimes called a dialectic....a Hegelian Dialectic.

    All you need to know is that they are both cops...and working to get their mark to give in to their needs and requirements by careful and crafty maneuvering.

    I tend to still think the same way when watching leadership in this country ...that they are playing Good Cop/Bad Cop with us....and the MSM is definitely using/misusing this template or pattern on us.

    By association ..so too is public education today..the same template....when you realize the caliber of the "Snowflakes " they are turning out en mass.

    Winter is coming....buckle up....it's going to be a confusing ride unless you know some of the history and philosophy behind these systems at work. Ishmaelites run amok..

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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