Wall Street Reacts; So Far: Ok

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    Per ...

    Article, of course, mentions the New York Mercantile Exchange ("NYMEX").

    Kissinger helped set up NYMEX's oil futures market.

    The system, to date, works.

    A Prepper concern is less about petroleum costs .... supplies are in decent shape and the goo is plentiful ... and more so about personal situation such as having groceries, home supplies and monitoring area quarantines, pending quarantines.

    Kissinger was (now retired and a WWII guy-thus "old") was a field commander for Rockefeller. The US (and allies) is in good shape.

    Today is not "The Best of Times" - but our headaches are more mundane than Japan's economic problems.

    Prep, prep,prep
    factor in safety

    Foot Note: Recall FEMA's "Prepare for realistic, worst case scenarios". Reserve the real worrying for the Saudi oil barons and the Russian royalty. Here: wash hands and have some decent foods.
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