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    Good afternoon all,

    This section is as close as I could find to fit this article in. Trees are not plants I know.

    Article about a Virginia farmer starting to make Walnut syrup in Highland County, Virginia. It's a littel west of the Shenandoah Valley, Stanton, Interstate 81.

    Justin , MBB: Any professional opinions on walnut syrup ? My M.D. encourages me to consume tree nuts.

    I'm aware the article's mentioned cost will change downward for consumers when production allows for it.
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    My husband has a history of heart disease. He consumes nuts as much as possible also. He makes hickory syrup. I guess it is a regional thing he read about. He took hickory nuts and washed and dried then cracked them. Added natural (unbleached ) sugar and water and boiled down to a syrup consistency. He then strains it. Then I put in jars and canned. It really tastes good over pancakes. Especially over like sweet potato or pumpkin pancakes. He also uses it in a barbecue sauce that he makes. It really has that hickory flavor and add a great taste. You have to cook it low and slow though like maple syrup.
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    If he needs his cholesterol to drop, oatmeal will help. Does he like oatmeal muffins? Could mix ground nuts in with the oatmeal and make muffins. He could put a thin pat of butter (real butter, not "partially hydrogenated" anything, artery killer that crap) and maybe pour his syrup over this. For the extra carbs, he could take a multiple B-vitamin supplement so that the carbs can be metabolized. B vitamins help the heart. Empty carbs = bad.

    Fiber moves cholesterol through the GI system and out; binds to cholesterol and moves it out of the body. The best fiber as an additive is calcium polycarbophil, it does NOT give one gas as do other types of fiber. Some fiber additives bloat a person like a cow getting into alfalfa. Cal.polycarbofil can really help lower cholesterol, plus it improves regularity of the gut.

    Good stuff = Niacin, Acetyl L-Carnitine (good for brain & lowering blood sugar), Alpha-lipoic acid, eating cold water fish. Sardines & herring are good, just watch the sodium, they have the omega-3 & CoQ10 your husband needs. B-vitamin group are not expensive. Buying CoQ10 and fish oil can be expensive when buying it at the pharmacy, so just eat more fish. Fish from Asia may contain mercury. I like German kippers. Fish from the Adriatic are good.

    You can spice-up cold water fish. I like mine blackened with pepper. If making fish for your husband, just do not add much salt. Use other spices such as garlic -- garlic is great for the heart, if not for one's breath. Spices improve the taste of foods without having to use excessive salt.

    Nuts have the great B-vitamins in them. Don't worry about the oils in nuts, these are great for the body. It's really super that your husband likes nuts. Me, I love them also. When hunting squirrel, we'd also gather nuts. To find squirrels, look for the nut trees.

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    1. DirtDiva
      He had his heart attack almost a decade ago. Since we have made lots of changes to diet. Lowered our meat intake. Still eat meat just a little less and either wild meat or locally grown or home grown. He eats lots of oatmeal muffins and also oatmeal pancakes. We greatly cut down on carbs and doubled homegrown mostly vegetable intake. Cut down on dairy other than real butter. Lots of fish, home grown chicken and leaner venison and wild pork. He gathers black walnuts every year and I bake with them and he eats a homemade trail mix that I make. Less sugar and more local honey. His cholestrol is now better than his doctor's and he lost 75 pounds. His 70 year old 6'5" frame has not been this lean since high school. Dropped 3 prescription drugs.
      DirtDiva, Jun 30, 2020
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